Fallout Miami: Pro-Semite Homo-Con Brad Polumbo Caught Preying on Young Boys on Instagram

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2019

If you see this man looking at your children, call the cops. At least. 

Fallout Miami continues, as I keep typing “Fallout Miami” and wishing that Obsidian Entertainment would be hired to make a Fallout set in Miami. At least we’ve got The Outer Worlds coming up.

Until such a time as Bethesda gets it together and is able to hire the real Fallout people to make another real Fallout game in our favorite Florida city, however, the term “Fallout Miami” refers to the fallout from a September 28 event in Miami where the Epic Gamer Nick Fuentes debated the Israeli spy and financial criminal Jacob Wohl.

The first bit of fallout took place when I unsubbed from Nick’s YouTube channel after I found out he was creeping on my internet GF. This sent shockwaves throughout the internet.

It even made the front page of the New York Times last week.

Following that bit of drama, Sexlaptop AKA “Ashley St. Clair” was fired from Charlie Kirk’s Talking Points USA after the Jews complained that she was photographed with Nick Fuentes, who is rumored to be a groyper.

This appears to have probably been a conspiracy by Will Chamberlain, a Jewish and Israeli MAGA infiltrator and aggressive Jewish tweeter. We will never know the full truth, but it was certainly Will Chamberlain that was talking about it after the fact.

Just so you understand: Sexlaptop literally has sex with black men, but she was fired by Talking Points and Charlie Kirk for standing next to a guy – because Jews demanded it.

The latest drama is even better than all that came before it.

There is a homosexual tweeter who I had never heard of, Brad Polumbo, who fancies himself a true conservative. I guess he wants lower taxes and a lower age of consent. In-between missions stalking pre-teen boys, Polumbo writes for the Washington Examiner, where he attacks Donald Trump for human rights abuses.

Apparently trying to suck up to the bloodsucking Jew Will Chamberlain and other Jews in general, the homo Polumbo went out and started tweeting virulently pro-Semitic materials.

He was also retweeting Chamberlain and just generally involving himself in the whole drama, uninvited.

Unfortunately for this unfortunate cocksucker, people started going through his social media, and made some unfortunate discoveries.

Here’s a video of a scroll through his (now-deleted) Instagram:

Note that when we say “underage,” we’re not just talking about 16-17-year-old twinks (which he also followed), but also 11-12-year-old boys who were on “middle schooler” tags and accounts.

Here’s the screenshots, for when the tweets all get deleted (Twitter will delete them at some point, obviously):

After unfollowing all these young boys, he just decided to completely delete his entire Instagram.

He is in a rough spot. When you try to search his name on Twitter…

I’m sure they’ll fix that, but this previously unknown homo is now famous for being a stalker of young boys. After he went out and tried to defend the child-murdering Jews and got Groyper’d.

And no doubt, many conservatives are sitting and scratching their heads, wondering if “gay conservative” was really such a good thing to embrace. Because it appears to be clear that anyone “gay” is actually a child predator. And really maybe perhaps child predators are not folks you want to “embrace.”

Polumbo is responding by saying it’s all a big joke, and he’s the victim of a trope canard.

He is also lashing out against the Based Black Guys who are asking about why he is e-stalking all of these preteens on Instagram, and making various accusations against them.

Yeah bro wow the based black guy is a convicted felon. That’s about as shocking as the fact that the “gay conservative” preys on middle school boys. The difference is that I don’t care that the based black guy committed a felony and I do care that you prey on little boys. I also believe there is probably a pretty big difference, morally, in most people’s minds between whatever monkeyshines Ali did and preying on young boys.

He also came after young BBG CJ Pearson.

CJ had some fire to spit.

CJ is quickly becoming my second favorite BBG.

Jesse Lee Peterson will always be #1 though CJ – sorry, “dawg.”

It will be interesting to see if the Washington Examiner fires Brad the child predator for #Middleschoolgate and/or harassing based black guys on Twitter for posting screenshots of his Instagram account.

I’m tentatively going to guess “no,” simply because he is a part of the homosexual mafia and he’s ingratiated himself in with the Jewish mafia, so neither masturbating to preteens nor lashing out against the blacks is enough to get you fired when you’re rolling deep with that kind of crew.

Will the Drama End?

No sir, the drama will not end.

Casualties will continue to pile up, as Fallout Miami continues, gloriously, in what is the best thing to happen this month other than the Joker movie.

By the way, speaking of Fallout Miami, I am able to reveal this image of a rare exchange I had with Nick there after having been smuggled in. This conversation took place just before my Miami Vice-style speedboat escape back to the comfort of my African compound.

Speaking of Nick and conversations – I sure hope he’s had a talk with a certain waifu about the fact that if she starts noticing a whole bunch of different coincidences all at one time, everywhere she looks, and that starts to feel completely overwhelming to her, she should just go ahead and take a break from the internet for a few days. Or weeks. Or however long it takes for her to realize these coincidences are very real, she is definitely not going insane, but the first part of the solution is to remain calm.

Do not panic.

Do not start spamming unhinged materials on social media. The last thing we need is our Chinese brand ambassador going full kook on social media.

We have a plan.

Understand, there are those of us who recognized these coincidences a long time ago, and we are all going to work together to deal with this problem in an efficient and logical way – systematically, if you will…

Here’s the full Miami event, for those who missed it.