Very Fake President Joe Biden Declares Victory with Yet Another Platitude Soup

Joe Biden is a platitude machine.

He jogged on stage Saturday night to the bizarre sound of car horns, and began a platitude diarrhea.

Apparently, there is some body of people that is legitimately comforted by an old man saying that with the bad orange man gone, politicians will talk really nicely to each other, and this will somehow make America a better place.

Obviously, nothing the Democrats do they do without focus group testing it. So, they have focus grouped these platitudes, and come to the conclusion that they will appeal to the highest number of people by saying things like:

  • “Renewed faith in tomorrow”
  • “Not to divide, but unify”
  • “No red states or blue states, only the United States”
  • “America is about people”
  • “I will restore the soul of America”
  • “I will unite you”
  • “We will make a vision real”
  • “We’ve bent the moral arc towards justice”

The fact that people are dense enough to find comfort in this sort of claptrap demonstrates that democracy is an absurd concept. In fact, it is actually beyond the pale.

The traditional American system is one where only landowners can vote. A landowner has a stake in society, so he is going to look at what a politician’s actual record is. He is not going to vote for a politician based on generic feelgood rhetoric like slogans from a motivational poster.

I don’t know how the gaffes were so low. Other than some stuttering and mumbling, the only real goof was saying “230 million thousand” in references to alleged coronavirus deaths. And I’m not sure they’re not just planning on claiming that 230 million thousand have died. Maybe it wasn’t a gaffe.

(I, like everyone, am wondering if these speeches aren’t pre-recorded. But without evidence, it’s pointless to discuss.)

Hunter appeared on stage after Joe’s speech.

So, apparently, he is going to remain visible.

They are just going to block any talk of the corruption scandals. That isn’t going to be hard to do. If Joe Biden actually assumes office, you are going to see the social media companies push this “regulating disinformation” nonsense over 9000. You won’t be able to say anything.

Then, they will soon pass hate speech laws, and probably laws against “disinformation.”

What they are planning on rolling out here, after entering office with half the country assured that they stole the election, is going to be absolutely brutal beyond belief.

We need to get out in the streets.

Understand: this is going to ruin your personal life.

Trump Pushes Back

The real president, Donald J. Trump, pushed back against the hoaxery of Joe Biden on Twitter.

He’s right, of course. No one asked for these ballots. It was an absolute sham.

And even with that sham, they were not able to beat Trump supporters. They had to shut it down and bring in extra fake ballots.

This situation is legitimately beyond belief.