Fake President Gives Fake News Conference, Vows Punitive Vaccines

Joe Biden did a public event on Monday, something I don’t think anyone was expecting. He actually took questions.

This is what the Washington Post thinks is a good video of Joe Biden:

It’s a 1:13 second clip, where Grandpa Joe says he’s been “reassured” by companies pulling out of Georgia to punish them for requiring IDs to vote.

The clip is from a 19 minute performance scheduled around the announcement that Biden is going to really vaccine the hell out of everyone.

That upload is from Global News, a Canadian company. I can’t find an upload of the full event by any American news outlet.

Just after the comments about Georgia, he talks about the vaccine in a much more confusing way, as you can see in this Fox clip (or in the full clip).

He says that “some people” don’t want to take the vaccine because the government experimented on them. I guess he’s talking about “The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male,” something he probably wasn’t supposed to mention aloud.

He went on to talk about the whites refusing the vaccine, saying that they think they have a right as an American to refuse it, because they’re young and healthy. He implied that they actually don’t have that right, and cited Mitch McConnell.

He speaks about these people with anger, implying the vaccine is punitive.

Here’s the clip of McConnell demanding that “Republican men” take the vaccine.

This is a total imperative of the system. There is no way anyone in the system can just say: “people have a right to decide.”

Ben Shapiro is out there saying it too.

He’s gone so far as to endorse forced vaccination.

Everyone on Fox News is saying the vaccine is good. Even Sean Hannity says it’s good. He’s the big America freedom guy, so he says people shouldn’t be forced to take it, but he says it’s good.

How do all these people know it is good?

Who told them?

Anthony Fauci?


In Other Joe Biden News…

Biden people are reportedly considering building more wall at the border.

Basically, we’re looking at a situation where millions of people just pour across all at once. They are massing in Mexico like the hordes of Mordor.

What the Biden people are trying to do is move these people across single file, to spread them around the country so they don’t pile up homeless on the streets. Millions of them just pouring across the border would be bad optics. They couldn’t stop that from being filmed. It would be an invasion event.

People from all across the world are now gathering at the border. From photos we’ve seen, many of them are Africans and Moslems.

Frankly, I don’t think the border wall makes much of a difference, because the fear is that they will gather and rush specific spots. If they do that, they can easily tear down portions of the wall. It wouldn’t really take much to overwhelm Border Patrol at this point.