Fake President Brandon Touts Stock Market After Abysmal Jobs Report

The jobs report is a report on jobs from the government.

It was released this week, showing that the numbers of new hires were much lower than projected.

Following the release of the December report, Joe Brandon, a senile man in his 80s who falsely claims to be the president of America, went out and started talking about the stock market.

Yes, the stock market is up – because the Biden government is printing money like madmen, and this money has to go somewhere. It doesn’t just sit around in bank accounts. So people monetize stock.

There is clearly a program to get people to stop working. That is why you have all of these now hiring signs, all of these rising wages, and yet fewer people working.

When people were told to stay home during the “pandemic” and get money from the government, they adapted to that, and now many people have lost their ability to engage socially with society. So they’re staying in their rooms, continuing to watch these horrible streaming soap operas.

Money is being printed to pay for these people who are not working, and that money ends up in the stock market. Or crypto. Or property prices. It has to go somewhere. When you devalue the currency, you have to monetize assets in order to have somewhere to store value.

This is all pretty simple. I just explained it in less than 300 words. I think I’ve given enough of an outline that people can get the basic concept of what is happening, and then look around and put the pieces together.

But all of these people are acting like it is complicated. Because they don’t want you to know what a “Great Reset” is.