Fake News: WaPo Makes Ridiculous Claim that Americans are EXCITED About “Niggers in Space” Superhero Movie

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 5, 2018

Personally, I’m excited about the coming wave of KANGZ memes.

It’s one thing to lie about the Iran protests or Donald Trump. But the Jew media has reached an absurd new low in the fake news narratives they’re peddling.

The Washington Post has the audacity to claim that Americans are actually enthusiastic about the upcoming Black Panther superhero movie.

Even my dog’s BS meter just went off.

What’s next, WaPo? Are you going to start running stories about how Bernie can still win?

These Jews have abandoned all pretense of being a serious publication.

Washington Post:

There’s a Black Panther party going on all around the country.

Superhero fans, movie fans and especially connoisseurs of black culture — American and African — are all eagerly awaiting the debut of Marvel’s “Black Panther” movie starring comic book’s first black superhero with an enthusiasm not often seen in American cinema.

Yeah, there’s just one little problem with that assertion.

It’s completely false. And you can find out in about 10 seconds of googling.

Black Panther interest vs last Marvel movie, Thor.

Nobody cares about Black Panther as a character, and more importantly, nobody cares about niggers. So the odds that normal White people would have even a faint interest in seeing an Afro-centric propaganda piece masquerading as an action movie are astronomically low.

“Black Panther” viewing parties are already being scheduled around the country for its February release, smack dab in the middle of Black History Month. There are lines of clothing based on the movie’s African style being prepared — the bright colors and Afrofuturism styles of Wakanda are in for the spring. And Grammy-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar was just named to produce the soundtrack.

All these are just signs that Hollywood is really trying hard to push this crap, not indicators of organic interest in their stupid Kangz movie.

Also – Afrofuturism? Lol.

African past.

African present.

African future.

I’ve got your Afrofuturism right here:

Complete with a rocket ship made from logs and bat guano.

And people are already calling the yet-to-be seen movie one of the most important of 2018, despite the fact that the character that has only appeared once on the silver screen and until now, has not occupied the same pantheon as comic book stalwarts like Superman, Batman and Spiderman.

These kikes really want this movie to not be the flop it’s obviously destined to be. So they’re using this social engineering 101 technique saying “oh, yeah, everyone is excited about it, people are calling it the most important movie ever even though no-one’s seen it yet…”

We at the Daily Stormer try to avoid making predictions about the future. But I’ll take personal responsibility for this one: Black Panther is going to be a huge flop compared with all other recent superhero movies like Thor and Captain America (and DC movies for that matter).

Probably Blacks will go see it, I guess, and bugmen comic book diehards, but the mainstream public is going to skip it.

But for some fans, none of that matters because the Black Panther holds a unique position in the superhero world and especially in the African and black diaspora.

“As the father of two little black boys I’m super excited to have a superhero that looks like them on screen,” said Glen Greezy of New York City, who along with more than 900 of his friends on Facebook, plan to hit Times Square and see the movie together on opening weekend. “Other super heroes are great and I see their movies too, but something about having a black man as the main character in a superhero movie is extra appealing.”

And that’s exactly why it’ll flop. If having a Black hero is extra appealing to Blacks, then it’s extra unappealing to non-Blacks. And non-Blacks are over 85% of America.

Combine that with the fact that the movie doesn’t have any big name actors, that the director is a mostly unknown nigger, and that no one cares about the original comic book character, and you’ve got a recipe for a massive failure.

And that’s just in America – things only get worse when you start thinking about China and other foreign markets.

This random Chinese man was given the choice between watching Black Panther or getting kicked in the balls repeatedly. He made the right choice.

All of this is perfectly obvious. Hollywood knew all of this when they started making this movie. The goal was never to make a lot of money, but to create propaganda. So in this sense, it doesn’t matter if no-one sees the movie, as long as everyone thinks the movie is very popular. And that’s where fake news articles such as this one come in. They manufacture fake hype to create the perception that the movie is certain to be a hit, even though there’s absolutely no indication that this is so.

Don’t buy it.