Fake News Spreads in Asia Saying Japan Agreed to Attack China to Defend Man-Holes in Taiwan

This is not a filler article.

Taiwan News is a CIA outlet, which pumps out extremist anti-PRC propaganda, and I found this at the top of r/WorldNews.

Taiwan News:

Japan is exploring ways its military can help U.S. forces defend Taiwan in the event of an attack by China.

During talks with Japanese Defense Minister Kishi Nobuo on March 16, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin broached the subject of joint U.S.-Japanese cooperation in defending Taiwan if China were to attack. During the meeting, the two sides agreed to cooperate closely in the event of such military aggression, but the details of this coordination have not yet been discussed, reported Nikkei Asia.

During the meeting, Kishi noted the recent dramatic increase in flights by Chinese military planes in the Taiwan Strait. He emphasized the need for Japan’s Self-Defense Forces (SDF) to coordinate with their American counterpart in the event of an assault by the People’s Liberation Army.

Amid China’s stepped-up military aggression towards Taiwan and Japan’s proximity to any potential conflict, Tokyo has recently been assessing the viability of releasing “an SDF dispatch order to protect U.S. warships and military planes” if a conflict were to arise, according to the news site.

The actual original source of this claim is not Kikkei Asia, but Japan’s Kyodo News (I can’t find it, it’s not in English and I’m not going to text a Jap friend to find it right now because this is filler and I have something to do later IRL), as confirmed by Taipei Times:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) yesterday thanked Japan after Japanese media reported that Tokyo was studying the feasibility of helping the US defend Taiwan in the event of a crisis in the Taiwan Strait.

Japanese Minister of Defense Nobuo Kishi and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin met in Tokyo on Tuesday last week, when they discussed closely cooperating in the event of China attacking Taiwan, the Tokyo-based Kyodo News said on Saturday, citing Japanese government sources.

Kyodo News is literally exactly what you would expect it to be.

I didn’t realize it was “established” in November 1945. I lol’d out loud when I read that just now.

No Western media outlet is reporting this story, but it is at the top of r/WorldNews. The source is a US Government media outlet, and it is being parroted by US government media outlets in other countries. The Taiwanese foreign minister thanked Japan publicly!

So you see the chain of events:

  1. US meets with Japan
  2. US plants fake news story about militaristic Japanese comments
  3. Puppet government of Taiwan publicly thanks Japan
  4. Japan is now forced to take a position publicly and confirm or deny the statement

The likelihood that the Japanese said “yeah sure, we’ll attack China to protect the US occupied part of China” is very low. Japan has the same understanding that the Chinese have about what is going on in the US, in terms of a total social collapse. Japan does not want to get invaded by China. Japan knows that China isn’t going to literally invade them actually ever, and also knows they’re not going to invade Taiwan unless the US military provokes a conflict using some false flag bullshit.

Japan also knows that the US does this false flag bullshit, because they did it to them recently.

Japanese and Chinese people hate each other, and have for thousands of years. That much is true.

But also, neither group is insane or retarded.

The idea of Joe Biden sending a black guy to be like “yo is you down to ride with a nigga, dawg?” and the Japs would be like “yes, my nigger, ride go fast, ahahaha woooo boom boom boom hahaha, you so big penis hahahahahahaha” is in no way believable.

What would happen is that if Japan made some aggressive statements, and ended up in a shooting war, they would be the first place to get actually invaded and occupied by Chinese people.

I don’t know if Joe Biden’s Jews have an actual plan to invade China. After that meeting, I have even more doubts. However, they are doing everything they can to set it up.

By the way: tomorrow, I’m going to write a full response to the schizo Tucker Carlson bit where he said “we don’t care about Taiwan, what Biden should be saying is that China gave us the coronavirus, which is killing everyone, even though I’ve spent months telling you it’s fake. China is right and acting rationally but also they’re evil because of a virus and because WHO, which is run by China actually, said they are doing a virus.”

It was disgusting and shameful.

The enemies of America are domestic, and anyone who is telling you they’re actually on the other side of the planet is lying to you on purpose.

Anyone who claims that I’m a shill for China because I don’t support the Jews starting a war with them is either lying or stupid.

Where is the rebuttal?

Has anyone given a single rebuttal?

People are out there saying, still, that Joe Biden is working with the Chinese. This is much stupider than the Trump-Russia thing. It is deranged. These people are trying to start a world war.

I get that no one likes Chinese people. That’s a very common theme everywhere in the world. But this is the exact same stupid trick they did with invading Iraq – “oh, if you don’t want to go to war with these people, that means you must be a muzzie-lover. Where’s your head-towel, towelhead?”

Oh, and the little baby retard is confused about why in the middle of this they’re pushing an anti-Asian hate hoax?

Watch this clip. Strain your brain to remember (because I know every one of you saying this “China threat” is over 30).

Oh the little baby with the extra chrome in his somes can’t remember that the guy who declared a war against Islam was also going around praising Islam and talking about increasing Islamic immigration? The baby can’t understand why you would try to appeal to the population of a region you were trying to start a war in?

Poor little baby. He just can’t understand anything, because he’s retarded.

Imagine you: “That Jew is right! The real problem in America is those people on the other side of the planet!”

I just can’t even comprehend how you people are this stupid. It is astonishing. You literally watched them do this exact thing and lead to a stupid and deranged two-decades long military conflict with rando desert savages, and now they’re going to take it to world war level, and you retards are walking right into it.

If you made a list of the concerns of the American people, gay marriage in Taiwan would not rank highly.

I’m going to put out bullet points, altogether, on my issues regarding why we should not support a war with the Chinese. All of you people will have it in a condensed format, like for a child, and you can point out the specific place where I’m wrong instead of accusing me of being a shill.