Fake News Promoting Shill Brian Williams Warns of Fake News

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2016


Fake news exaggerator Brian Williams is now warning people about the dangers of fake news.

The Jew-controlled media and the Jew-controlled establishment are going off the rails with this “fake news” theme. They are trying to claim that any information not reported by them must be fake. Quite gutsy of them to do this considering they’ve been exposed for pushing fake news stories for years. This became especially apparent during the 2016 election cycle when countless false and exaggerated stories about Donald Trump were spread.

With that said, it is laughable that MSNBC has allowed the fake news promoting shill Brian Williams to be involved in a segment warning people of fake news.

The Hill:

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams, who lost his job with NBC’s nightly news for exaggerating details of his time reporting in Iraq, slammed President-elect Donald Trump and members of his transition team for spreading fake news throughout the election.

“Fake news played a role in this election and continues to find a wide audience,” Williams said on MSNBC Wednesday night. Williams targeted retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser, for promoting links to fake news stories on his Twitter account.

Here’s video of the segment. At the beginning Williams falsely claims that Pizzagate is fake news. After that, he turns it over to the Jew reporter Jacob Soboroff. He interviews someone who apparently created fake news and now wants MSNBC to warn people about the problem of fake news. It is an utterly ridiculous segment filled with straw man arguments and other nonsense.

Does MSNBC not understand how bad the optics of this are? If you do a propaganda story about “fake news,” it is probably in your best interest not to have a reporter who spread false Iraq war stories involved in the report.

This once again proves how delusional these people have become. They don’t seem to realize how much credibility they’ve lost among the public. This is why people are turning to independent sources on the Internet to get news analysis. You are almost guaranteed to get more accurate analysis on current events from some random person on YouTube than these bozos on television who earn six and seven figure salaries.