Fake News in Action: “Asian Bias” Only Exists Among Black People

They are still pushing this “Asian bias” thing at the top of the news, following the supposed mass shooting of innocent and lovable handjob artists by a male feminist.

They keep bringing up “attacks on Asians” as a phenomenon, and claiming people are doing this because Donald Trump said the coronavirus was from China.

But it’s all black people.

I’m short on time, so I’m not going to go dig through and find every single case and show that it’s blacks, but if you type “Asian Attacked Hate,” this comes up:

It’s an attack and robbery of an Asian woman that happened this week.

And then you click around and find the video:

That is a black man, hilariously running like Jesse Owens at some poor old tiny Asian woman, throwing her to the ground and robbing her, then bolting off.

This is what every single “anti-Asian hate crime” is.

Just go click around randomly.

This guy shot up the massage parlor, and he was white. He claimed that he did it because he is against prostitution because… of some insane person logic. He said nothing about Asians. And frankly, this event is incredibly bizarre, and happened right on time, and I’m not sure this guy wasn’t manipulated in some way to do this.

But they take this incident of the Massage Party Massacre, then they connect it to all of these black attacks on Asians, and say it is a white supremacist anti-Asian conspiracy.

It’s nuts. It’s just totally fake news, and it is so obviously debunked just by reading the news articles. You don’t have to come up with a theory. The news articles about the shooter say it had nothing to do with race, and the news articles about Asians being attacked either say a photo or video of a black guy, list a name that is obviously black, or describe actions that would only ever be done by a black.

But Erin Burnett goes out there and says “the former president’s rhetoric against Asians formed a climate of white supremacist hatred against Asians.” She’ll have an expert on to confirm her conclusions.

(The bitch needs to interview a food expert about the role of carbohydrates in the human diet.)

That narrative is frankly the opposite of reality, as every single white supremacist I’ve ever come into contact with appears to like Asians a lot more than they like whites.

This whole thing that is happening in the media right now with this “anti-Asian” hysteria is really the microcosm of the larger process of forming false realities. They take events and spin them, mix them with other events that they’ve spun, then come to the conclusion that white people are evil and must be stopped.

They can do this with anything that happens, and they do do it with anything that happens.