Fake News Hoaxers Snopes Caught Perpetrating Yet Another Hoax

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 7, 2017

David and Barbara Mikkelson and their cat: The final determiners of truth and reality.

The “fact checking” sensation Snopes, run by two house-bound liberal baby boomers, David and Barbara Mekkelson, recently joined other Judenpresse platforms to claim investigative journalist Benny Johnson lied about the fact that (((Debbie Wasserman-Schultz))) and Keith Ellison didn’t stand up for the second standing ovation in respects to war widow Carryn Owens.

I personally think the length of a clapping a trivial thing to make a thing out of, but the issue here is that Jewish media moguls have elevated Snopes as the final verdict on what’s real and what’s “fake news,” and they’ve just been caught in a bald faced lie.

The system claims journalism they don’t micromanage and pre-approve is “fake news,” something Angela Merkel’s dictatorship has used as an alibi for cracking down on critical journalists during an election year.

Snopes has been transformed from a site that debunks Big Foot into a key propaganda instrument of the Democratic Party. It is relevant in the passive American dictatorship because its promotion by hacks has gotten it contracts with social media platforms like Facebook, who have hired a random eccentric leftist California couple to get the last say on what’s allowed to be discussed and what isn’t.

The New York Times and other Zionist broadsheets copy and pasted Snopes’ claim, but were forced to issue a retraction. Snopes itself had egg on its face.

The other crack team of truth-prophets, Politifact, are apparently sticking to their story, but using pointless semantics to spin it in their own favor.


Bloggers said, “Top Democrats refuse to stand for Gold Star widow.”

That makes it sound as if the blue side of the aisle stubbornly stayed seated while the GOP cheered for the widow of a Navy SEAL killed in a raid in Yemen. A more accurate headline would be, “Top Democrats don’t stand as long as Republicans for Gold Star widow.” A video review shows Democrats including Sanders, Pelosi, Wasserman Schultz and Ellison stood. But most sat down while Republicans renewed their applause.

To say they outright refused to stand up is inaccurate. We rate these headlines False

This is a pretty stupid thing to lie about, seeing as millions of Americans watched the stream and saw Schultz and Ellison sitting. What big things is the Ministry of Truth misrepresenting or getting wrong?

The irony is that this whole fact-checking/fake news business is about discrediting President Trump and his supporters, and nothing more. It’s an agenda protection mechanism straight out of 1984: if the goyim know and you can’t shut it down, then try and “fact check” them until they’re frozen in confusion.

Luckily this latest attempt at controlling the public’s access to free flowing information has been quickly discredited and is now mocked. But that doesn’t mean real fact-checking, like the work done by the Daily Stormer, isn’t important.