Fake News Fantasy Writer Luke O’Brien Mocks the Idea That He has an Obligation to Not Lie

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2018

VICE’s HBO show aired an episode about the wild goose chase for this writer in Columbus, Ohio.

In it, CCTV video of some guy that the process server submitted a sworn statement saying he believed was me was shown.

Obviously, that isn’t me. It doesn’t even look remotely like me.

But that is obvious, whatever. This is not the interesting thing about the release of this video – I already knew that I haven’t been in Ohio since July of 2013.

The interesting thing to me is that the supposed “journalist” Luke O’Brien – a sick individual who has become fixated on me, turning me into his entire life – wrote an article about this alleged Anglin sighting back in December, he claimed five (5) times that the way the process server recognized this mysterious badly dressed Anglin figure was his bald head.

From that article:

The king of the Nazi trolls was in the supermarket, and he seemed nervous. Surely it was him. The shaved head, the diminutive stature, the paranoid aspect ― there is no mistaking the guy when you know what you’re looking for.

the bald little fellow scanning the aisles with a hunted look could’ve been none other than Andrew Anglin.

But then who was this tiny bald man buying protein powder in a Meijer 6,000 miles from Lagos, just days after the motion had been filed?

The little bald man took out a credit card, thought twice about it and put the card away. Instead, he produced a currency envelope from Fifth Third Bank.

Luke even went so far as to insert a question about why “Anglin” had decided not to wear a hat.

As this furtive customer slid into a self-checkout line, his eyes darted from side to side. Was he stupid not to have worn a hat to cover his shaved head? Was he being watched?

So what he reported was factually inaccurate, objectively.

This certainly fits into my long-term experience with Lunatic Luke, who has casually lied about me in all of his reporting. Generally, he lies about things that cannot be proven either way, and I assume he thought this was the case here. He is not a smart person, and he thought it made his story more interesting – or maybe he is just fixated on my head as part of his derangement syndrome – and he never imagined that the CCTV footage existed and would be publicly aired.

A Groyper on Twitter confronted him about it.

Luke responded with a “your Mama” joke.

When the Groyper pointed out the inappropriateness of a supposed journalist getting caught in a lie – something that is incredibly serious – responding with a “your mama” comment, asking if Huffington Post would give a comment on publishing these lies, Luke again insulted the Groyper, saying: “No, man. Why would they? Look at you.”

So what he is communicating there is: I am allowed to lie, because you people are “Neo-Nazis.”

I have no idea if this is the internal policy of Huffington Post, but I am certain it is not their public policy.

Surely, the bald head thing is a small lie, but after this guy wrote that Atlantic piece on me, I am personally aware that he lies like this all of the time. It appears to be what he has based his entire career on – this idea that he gets a boost in his journalism by just casually adding things he’s made up.

In fact, the first time I had contact with Luke O’Brien – and what led to his obsession with me – was his faking of communications with the FBI in an attempt to intimidate me through email.

I of course published those communications, and then he devoted his life to a sick obsession with me.

He appears to be coming undone.

Following the HBO piece, O’Brien started Tweeting as if he had been abused by Elle Reeve, because she didn’t mention him in the piece.

This comes after the Twitter groypers claimed that there was a Skype chat with her and a bunch of Alt-Right guys where she mocked him and laughed at him.

Note that he also suggests here he is writing a book about me.

He then got defensive, trying to explain to these groypers how he wasn’t hurt by the suggestion of Elle Reeve seeing him engaged, as a man in his fifties who claims to be a journalist, in a name-calling contest with anonymous teenagers.

Throughout the exchange, he was accusing the Groypers of being me – apparently he believes I am behind every frog avatar on Twitter.

And I’ll tell you what – the way he continually refers to me as “Andy” and keeps talking about how “little/small/tiny” I am send chills down my spine. It isn’t offensive in the manner of an insult. It comes across like he’s a deranged, homosexual serial killer – and the most disturbing part is that he is incapable of recognizing how insane his own behavior appears.

That is the line I have found between people who actually have lost touch with reality and people who are just engaged in a nutty behavior: if when it is pointed out, a person is able to step back and recognize how crazy their behavior looks to other people, then they are probably okay. If they make it clear that they either don’t care or worse are literally incapable of recognizing the way what they are doing looks to someone else, they’re gone.

This guy is inches from the edge.

Speaking to just how unhinged he has become, he then attempted to negotiate for the recording of the Skype chat with a random teenaged groyper in a DM.

After that DM was publicly posted, this guy has the nerve to accuse groypers mocking him for lulz of “needing validation.”

I hate this guy who has harassed and threatened my family and friends and wrote a sick and weird fantasy piece about my life. And even I feel embarrassed for him, with that DM exchange being published. This is one of the single most humiliating things I have ever seen in my life. This poor weird obsessive old man is despised by other journalists to the point where they won’t even mention his name, and he is running around trying to get teenagers to give him a copy of a recording of her laughing at him.

He knows that the entire journalist community covering the Alt-Right views him with disdain. He wrote a massive cover story for The Atlantic about me, and no single reputable outlet reported on the story, because even Jews were able to look at it and see that it was not just horribly written, but filled with lies.

I don’t know if he’s using some type of drugs, or if trying to beat me in some kind of chess game that he doesn’t even know the rules of his just driven him over the edge, but this guy is not well, and I think the people around him need to be careful.

I have told everyone I know that if they see him, they need to get away from him quickly and contact the police.

Mike Enoch had a good take on it.

Honestly, I used to want to see the lunatic publicly humiliated and forced to resign from journalism. But it’s clear that he can just lie and hoax whatever he wants as long as he stays writing a free blog for Huffington Post.

And at this point, I just want to see him lose his mind.

And based on what I’ve seen over the last couple of months, that has already happened. It’s just a matter of time before the “incident” happens.

I do hope that no one gets hurt.

This is Journalism

The reason that there is no respect and in fact a deep animosity toward Luke O’Brien is that he is incapable of regulating his own lying and hoaxing.

But you notice that even after he was exposed as a liar and exposed for threatening people – not to mention openly writing about looking through my mother’s window as he hid outside her house – Luke continued to work at The Atlantic and Huffington Post. These people do not care about the truth, and what Luke said about how he can just openly lie about things relating to “Nazis” and the editorial staff won’t care is I believe true.

Of course, he might have gone too far now – I don’t know.

You can contact Huffington Post’s corrections department and see if they’re planning on issuing a statement about the “bald head with no hat” hoax:


You can also contact their press inquiry department and see if they are willing to give a statement on why they won’t issue a retraction after publishing a deliberate lie:


Just see what they have to say.