Fake News Clickbait Blog “Newsweek” Raided by NYPD in the Midst of Various Scandals

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2018


New York Post:

About two dozen investigators from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office converged on the downtown newsroom of Newsweek on Thursday — taking photos of computers and servers, sources said.

In addition to the newsroom, the fifth floor of 7 Hanover Square also houses Newsweek Media Group, the publication’s parent company — formerly known as IBT Media.

The investigators, who arrived shortly before 8 a.m., focused on the computers’ serial numbers — and walked out six hours later carrying several of the servers, sources said.

The probe is believed to be connected to Olivet University, the San Francisco school tied to the controversial South Korean evangelical pastor David Jang, one source said.

Jang has close ties to the founders of IBT Media.

A lawyer for the company, in a brief talk to shaken and mystified staffers roughly halfway through the raid, said the police action was part of a 17-month investigation.

“People are very upset, because apparently there was a 17-month investigation and no one told us anything,” said one person close to the company.

Late Thursday, Newsweek Media Group acknowledged that agents from the DA’s office had been searching their servers for the better part of the day.

“Representatives of the New York County [Manhattan] District Attorney’s Office visited the New York City offices of Newsweek Media Group today to conduct a search of the company’s computer servers to obtain technical information about the servers.

“The company provided the DA’s representatives with access to the computer servers on location to allow for a technical inspection within the law.

“No information regarding the company’s content, stories, personnel, or sources was given and Newsweek Media Group has been assured by the DA’s office that the investigation is not about any content-related issues,” the statement said.

The company said it is cooperating with the probe.

Meanwhile, Etienne Uzac, a co-owner of Newsweek Media Group, was slapped with a $1.2 million federal tax lien by the IRS on Dec. 12, according to a record obtained by The Post.

They are saying “not content-related,” which might be true, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t related to reporting methods. These bloggers have basically been engaged in a criminal conspiracy.

They first said it was tax-related, but it was the NYPD and not the IRS. Now they’re saying it’s a connection they have to some cult. So who knows? But Newsweek isn’t making a statement beyond the fact that it doesn’t relate to their fake news social-engineering clickbait agenda.

The Bottom of the Barrel

I read a lot of fake news.

But Newsweek is a special kind of shit-tier hoaxing.

Just this week, they published an article on “How Hillary Can Still Win.”

They also published a piece about how Trump has erectile dysfunction (based on the fact that he takes hair loss medication).

The Wrap did an investigation this week, and found a company in full-collapse.

They are now under attack by the blue check clan for making the anti-Trump “resistance” into a joke.

Either of those two stories this week is worse than their infamous Bitcoin hoax.

An Example of a Newsweek Employee

“Michael Edison Hayden,” an extremist establishment political activist working as a Newsweek blogger recently issued a public threat that he would call the mothers of anyone who refused to speak with him.

In another now-deleted post, he bragged about associations with Antifa, and said that they would be hunting this writer down.

You can take that as you wish.

Interestingly, he also posted pictures of himself drunk at his Newsweek office.

That post is also now deleted.

Newsweek is aware of this behavior. I have contacted them about it, and they have given me no response. Presumably, this is the only type of individual they can get to work for their organization.

You can say that I’m an evil person, so I deserve to have my mother harassed and be hunted down by a violent gang. Sure. That’s a valid argument. But I feel relatively strongly that the majority of people would not agree with that particular assessment.

A Prediction

Politicians are folding left and right in the face of Hurricane Trump. Thus far, no major media publication has.

Newsweek has barely stayed alive over the last decade. And I think they are going to be the first major media institution to officially fold.