Fake Meat-Only Diet Book by Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson Becomes Amazon Best-Seller

Daily Stormer
October 28, 2019

Scam artist Mikhaila Peterson is angry because some other scammer stole her thunder.


Sputnik News:

Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson and his daughter are the proponents of a controversial diet based entirely on water, beef, and salt, which say they has turned their health around.

A book purportedly written by Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson is making it big on Amazon, but both ‘Lion Diet’ preachers have disowned the title.

According to a screenshot posted by Twitter user Nathan Boonard, the book ‘Our Carnivore Diet’ was the top-ranking new release in the Toxicology section on Amazon as of Friday. It is currently the 11th best-selling title in Toxicology and No. 229 in Mental and Spiritual Healing.

The print edition costs $8.01 while the ebook is $4.68. If the description is correct, the book doesn’t contain any new information by Jordan or Mikhaila and is basically a compilation of transcripts of their podcasts and blog posts from Mikhaila’s health blog, also featuring a transcript of bodybuilder and carnivore diet advocate Shawn Baker.

Complete with a somewhat sloppy cover design – with a shirtless Jordan Peterson and his bikini-clad daughter – the book has drawn laughs on Twitter, but the Petersons were quick to disavow it.

“I’ll make proper headlines when I publish my real book,” she also wrote in her blog on Friday.

Her father retweeted her posts denying the authorship, but neither of them provide any tips on who might be the author and whether they would take any action to have the book removed.

Who’s more of a scammer though: whoever published the fake book, or this slut?

From reading her Lion’s Lair website, it appears that she wants to start some kind of cult.

Don’t join if you’re not interested in living life. Only Lion People allowed.

Are you a lion?