Fake Jew, Real FBI Informant MILO Comes Out as “Ex-Gay” in Latest Attempt to Bring Attention on Himself

I had no problem with MILO, and then I heard him on the Ralph Show accusing me of being an FBI agent. Of course, mere weeks after he made that accusation, it was revealed that he himself was working for the FBI.

That was revealed in a filing for the Sines v. Kessler Charlottesville civil lawsuit, when he was agreeing to give information to the Jew lawyers that would harm Richard Spencer or whoever. He emailed them back saying that he’d made an exclusive deal to give his information to the FBI.

Here’s the .pdf file of that filing, and the relevant bit (from an email MILO sent Sines’ team):

Just like with the leaders of the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers being exposed as FBI assets, this information came out, and then everyone just ignored it, pretending it had no bearing on his public persona.

This guy has been pulling various stunts since he got kicked off of social media. Now he’s saying that he’s an “ex-gay.”

He did an interview with LifeSiteNews:

LifeSite: I imagine that to many who follow you, your recent decision to publicly identify as “Milo, Ex-Gay” may seem like a 180-degree turn. Are you also surprised that your life has taken this turn? Or is it unsurprising, a natural and perhaps inevitable progression in your life? I ask this because over the last few years things that you’ve said have hinted at being drawn in this direction.

Milo: When I used to kid that I only became gay to torment my mother, I wasn’t entirely joking. Of course, I was never wholly at home in the gay lifestyle — Who is? Who could be? — and only leaned heavily into it in public because it drove liberals crazy to see a handsome, charismatic, intelligent gay man riotously celebrating conservative principles.

That’s not to say I didn’t throw myself enthusiastically into degeneracy of all kinds in my private life. I suppose I felt that’s all I deserved. I’d love to say it was all an act, and I’ve been straight this whole time, but even I don’t have that kind of commitment to performance art. Talk about method acting …

LifeSite: Was there any event, or series of events, that triggered your decision to become “sodomy free,” and to do so publicly? Did God knock you off your horse as he did Saul; or did it come about some other way? Please explain.

Milo: Four years ago, I gave an interview to America magazine which they declined to print. It’s taken me a long time to live up to the claims I made in that interview, but I am finally doing it.

Anyone who’s read me closely over the past decade must surely have seen this coming. I wasn’t shy about dropping hints. In my New York Times-bestselling book Dangerous, I heavily hinted I might be “coming out” as straight in the future. And in my recent stream-of-consciousness Telegram feed, I’ve been even more explicit — stomach-churningly so, if the comments under my “x days without sodomy” posts are anything to go by.

I’ve always thought of myself as a Jack Bauer sort of figure — the guy who does the hideous, inexcusable things no one else can stomach, without which the Republic will fall. I know that means my name will always be cursed, and I’ll always be a scorned outsider, so the temptation is to throw out any consideration of living well or truthfully. But even Jack Bauer has to confront his maker sooner or later.

So – whatever.

I guess this is news.

But anyone looking at this should remember that this man works as a confidential informant (CI) for the FBI. I feel the need to come out and say this every time he’s in the news, because it seems that people simply forget.

There is no situation where you work as an FBI informant and then give up that life. That is not one of the options. Once you’re in, you’re in. There cannot be a “road to redemption” for people who are confirmed as being FBI informants. Any right-wing movement that claims that is just a total joke, and obviously likely run by the FBI itself.

People used to attack me for calling people out as FBI, but now you’re seeing that I was right about all of it. This entire “Alt-Right” fiasco was a gigantic FBI plot.

Also, note that MILO faked being Jewish.