Fake Jew Numbers: 20,000 “Migrants” Expected to Enter Croatia in Two Weeks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2015

What the hell is going on, Merchant???? What are we supposed to do????
What the hell is going on, Merchant???? What are we supposed to do????

This isn’t an invasion, goyim. It is just a… it’s just like… uh… you know, they’re poor, and uh… the dental services in Turkey, you know… um…

Did you see that picture of the drowned boy?

Please, look at it again before we tell you the next part.

Feels bad, man.
Feels bad, man.

But yeah. Croatia, when these thousands come, just remember that an innocent Beach Boy drowned.

Never, ever, ever forget the Beach Boy.

We must do it for him.


Croatia said today that more than 6,000 migrants had entered the country from Serbia in little more than 24 hours, and more than 20,000 were expected over the next two weeks.

6,000 in one day, but only 20,000 in two weeks?

Not sure those numbers make sure, Merchant.

Because 6,000 a day for 14 days would be 84,000.

But I will trust your figures, Merchant, because you’re God’s chosen people.

“We expect a peak within the next two weeks… (of) over 20,000 migrants,” Health Minister Sinisa Varga said, quoted by the state-run HINA news agency.

The interior ministry said Thursday 6,200 migrants had arrived in the Balkan country from Serbia in a little more than 24 hours.

The refugees, eager to reach northern Europe, are now crossing into Croatia after Hungary blocked them at its frontier with Serbia.

These people really should be required to play more Starcraft before they are allowed in office.

Have you Croat retards ever even heard of 9 pooling?
Have you Croat retards ever even heard of 9 pooling?

They literally appear to have no conception that the zergling is the fasted unit of all, and that Turkey is 9 pooling.

You know, if I was Croatia in this FFA match, I would have started massing cannons as soon as Hungary walled with supply depots.




I know at least half the readers don't get the joke, but Hungary is actually literally walling with supply depots.
I know at least half the readers don’t get the joke, but Hungary is actually literally walling with supply depots.


The migrants, who started to enter Croatia early on Wednesday, were being registered with police in Tovarnik, near the border with Serbia.

Why do they keep talking about this “registering.” None of these people have any papers, and they’ve already said they don’t have the resources for biometric registration.

They should be giving them tattoos on their forearms.

From there they were transported by buses and train to reception centres and other facilities, of which there are currently five, including one in the capital Zagreb.

Croatia said earlier it would allow free passage to refugees, with Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic strongly criticising Hungary’s border controls.

But on Thursday, Milanovic warned that his small country of 4.2 million inhabitants had limited capacity for accepting and registering thousands of migrants.

“We will be very constructive and cooperative (regarding migrants) but emphasise that there are limits to our capacities,” Milanovic told a cabinet session.

Sorry, buddy! Doesn’t matter!

Beach Boy, buddy!

Feels bad, man.
Feels bad, man.

There shall be no further discussion!

His foreign minister, Vesna Pusic, also warned that Zagreb could not cope if the number increased dramatically.

“We are ready to (provide) asylum to a few thousand people and we can handle that, but we are not ready for tens of thousands,” Pusic told state-run HRT television.

I don’t know how to explain this to you any further, stupid goyim.

Look at this picture:

Feels bad, man.
Feels bad, man.

And then never, ever, ever, ever, again say “meh, no resource, meh, can’t have tens of thousands, meh.”

You are selfish and filled with hate.

A boy drowned, goyim.

He drowned to death.

Because of you.

If you simply would have sent a boat to pick this man’s family up so his dad could get to the dentist, that Beach Boy would still be surfing away, and he would have fulfilled his dream to go Surfin USA.