Fake Fed Hackers Demand $70 Million in Bitcoin (Not Monero) in Cyber Ransom Hoax

The World Economic Forum predicted both last year and then this year that there would be a spate of ransomware attacks, just like they predicted there would be a virus in the years leading up to the coronavirus hoax.

This is also a gigantic hoax.


The cybercriminals believed to be behind a devastating attack that left hundreds of companies worldwide offline have reportedly demanded $70 million to restore the data they’re holding ransom.

The demand was posted on a ‘dark web’ blog on Sunday, Reuters reported. The blog is “typically used” by the REvil cybercrime gang, who cybersecurity researchers believe are responsible for the latest attack, as well as an attack in May on JBS, the world’s largest meat-processing corporation.

This is like some Osama bin Laden type shit with feds claiming responsibility in the name of Russians.

Fake, fake, fake? HOAX!

Last week’s attack targeted Kaseya, a remote IT management platform. Hundreds of Kaseya’s clients in the US, Canada, the UK and worldwide had their data frozen, with knock-on effects for customers in some cases. Swedish grocery chain Coop was forced to close all 800 of its stores on Saturday, as the attack had taken its cash registers offline.

The White House announced on Sunday that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security “will reach out to identified victims to provide assistance.” President Joe Biden, who has previously accused Russia of being behind similar attacks, told reporters that he is “not sure it’s the Russians,” and is waiting on the US’ intelligence agencies to investigate.

The US has previously blamed Russia for numerous cyberattacks on American infrastructure and commerce. The Biden administration sanctioned Russia in April, partly over its alleged involvement in last year’s SolarWinds hack. Even though Biden didn’t accuse Moscow of direct involvement in a cyberattack targeting the US’ fuel supply in May, he did insist that it bore “some responsibility,” as the hackers had allegedly been operating from a Russian-speaking country.

Blame has also been leveled at Beijing. Microsoft claimed in March that it had caught Chinese “state-sponsored” hackers breaking into its email servers, and cybersecurity researchers have accused the Chinese state of involvement in multiple attacks since, including one on New York’s public transportation network.

RT is my preferred source, but for whatever reason they didn’t say that the demand is for Bitcoin.

Here’s a Forbes article with that fact.

There are only upsides for the elite here.

  • They blame China and Russia
  • They attack Bitcoin
  • They can push an agenda to require people to give information to get on the internet and remove anonymity
  • They can cause chaos and use it to destroy small businesses and take people’s rights, just like with corona

Conversely, no one else would do this, because Bitcoin is traceable.

Any real cyberhacker would ask for Monero, which has been repeatedly audited by major groups and the government and is not traceable.

What difference would it make for the hackers whether they ask for Bitcoin or Monero?

Some of the Bitcoin from the last hacking hoax was already retrieved when someone put it in an exchange. Monero you can just cash out after looting the $70 million, no problem.

Sure, there are Bitcoin mixers, but it still not definite and not perfectly clean, and there is just no reason.

But the main thing: predicted by WEF.

Here’s from 3 months ago:

Klaus Schwab himself in 2020:

Big forum in 2019:

We went through their website and there were hundreds of mentions of the term “cyber pandemic” predicting that this was inevitable and the only solution is mass censorship and total surveillance.

The WEF was doing some other stuff last week demanding censorship specifically.

They want a “framework to regulate harmful content.”

How is it just a coincidence that these people predict catastrophes and then they immediately happen and it’s always a complete hoax?

Sounds to me like we’ve got a hoax-based world order.