Fake Conservative Blogger Matt Purple Gloats That Nick Fuentes Won’t be Able to Find a Job for Exercising Free Speech

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 21, 2019

Nick Fuentes doesn’t need a job. He already has a job. He is the host of a successful political talk show and a pro gamer. The kid is making $100 a minute in superchats on his talk show and $500 on gaming streams.

It’s comical to see how the entire fake conservative establishment has launched a coordinated smear effort against groyper army Supreme Commander Nick Fuentes. They’ve literally tried to recruit anybody they can find. We are seeing the most lowly of cuckservative media personalities – Will Nardi, discredited homosexual plagiarist Benny Johnson and porn star Mindy Robinson – attacking him and the groyper army on social media. There is nothing coincidental about any of this.

When you read what these people are posting, it becomes obvious that they are using the same tactics that anti-fascists and leftist groups regularly use against their political opponents. They are using smears and lies in an attempt to gaslight people into thinking that Fuentes is the most evil person to ever live.

Feeling blue-pilled? Have another cookie, friend.

Another popular tactic of leftists is to get people fired from their jobs for having politically incorrect views.

Matt Purple: Beard, Problem Glasses, Serious Concern.

That’s why it is interesting to see how the fake conservative Matt Purple, who has written for the National Review and other cuckservative publications, gloated about how Fuentes won’t be able to find a job for exercising free speech.

The American Conservative:

And while I’m sure he’s enjoyed spilling his Spaghetti-Os in front of an online audience, I wonder whether Fuentes has ever really considered the consequences of his actions. Because in railing against the mixing of the races, you doom yourself to a fixed path. Even if you eventually grow up and repudiate your views, YouTube is forever. And no real estate firm or graphic design company is going to hire someone who cut his teeth screaming about how his babysitter is under the influence of Jewish power. So while the right-wing outrage market might tempt with the promise of fame, its incentives are at odds with those of the greater economy: you can accrue Twitter followers by dabbling in racism, but ultimately you’ll ruin yourself.

Just what the hell is conservative about this statement? Aren’t conservatives supposed to be for free speech and a free exchange of ideas? This statement from Purple directly contradicts this.

How did we get here? I’m not sure, Mr. Purple, but I’d suspect it has something to do with all that horrible, evil shit the Jews did. 

He is trying to make an example out of Fuentes by telling people that if you dare articulate views and opinions outside the scope of 2019 polite society, you will be blacklisted and unable to find employment.

People like Purple and these other fake conservative figures are nothing but traitors and cowards. They’d rather collect paychecks from fake conservative incorporated than stand up and speak the truth. They are many more times worse than the leftists they claim to oppose. At least the leftists will say it straight.

These shills all need to be discredited and purged from any and all positions of influence. They are roadblocks standing in the way of a true America First political agenda from being implemented.