Canada: Faith Goldy Attacked by Antifa, Cops Refuse to Protect Her

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2018

I don’t think its shocking for anyone already on the Alt-Right to learn that the media literally covers up Antifa crimes.

But to most normies, the media is still impartial. And if they don’t know what that word means, they just think that the media doesn’t take sides. That they report things as they happen and that’s all.

Over the weekend, independent journalist Faith Goldy went to an immigration-related demonstration in Lacolle, Quebec, where the elite’s footsoldiers, antifa, were rallying in support of “refugees” and outnumbering those protesting in opposition to that particular Jewish agenda.

Global News:

Opposing groups organized rallies near the Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle border in Quebec Saturday afternoon, where thousands of asylum seekers have steadily been entering the country at an illegal crossing on Roxham Road in Hemmingford.

Members of Storm Alliance, a group whose self-described mission is to “preserve the rights of the people and Canadian culture,” gathered to demonstrate against Canada’s immigration policies, while counter-protesters were calling for open borders and end to racism by “far-right” groups.

Storm Alliance is critical of the federal governments’ handling of the influx of asylum seekers, referring to the situation as illegal immigration.

The group is also calling on the federal government to reimburse Quebec for the costs associated with handling the high number of refugee claimants.

These “refugees” are crossing from America, ostensibly to escape the fascist regime of Donald Trump. Though it may simply be that Canada has better benefits.

What happened to Faith should put an end to that misconception to anyone who sees it…but then Charlottesville should have as well tbh.

The guy on the left with the scarf attacked her.

But here, Faith explains it well on her own:

By “thug” Faith clearly meant “dirty nigger” btw, just so we’re clear.

They say a picture says a thousand words and this one is great for explaining our talking points. Two Antifa guys standing next to these journalists who claim they saw nuffin.

Perfect. That’s called being an accessory after the fact:

She did good work by heading out to this border crossing to cover the illegal scum flooding in. Maybe a man should go about doing something similar – in fact, I’m sure the content would be more fact-focused and interesting than the close-ups of Goldy in a car flicking her hair as she talks about Antifa.

But I guess she makes a lot more money than any man doing something similar would.

Interesting detail:

Seems like the police there set her up. They told her to go somewhere where the “nationalists” were. Instead, she ended up going where Antifa was waiting and getting – and had to have her ass get saved by some old based grandpa who tagged along as her bodyguard.

The whole time, the police did absolutely nothing to protect her. 

In fact, when she jut tried to run and get behind them, they seemed to not even be interested in giving her cover.

And from her reporting, we can gather that they spent more time keeping a leash on the Boomercons who showed up to protest the illegals than on Antifa.

Meanwhile, Faith is tip-toeing around something that is becoming sparkling and crystal clear to everyone paying attention: the police are not on our side either.

This is a lesson that we keep on learning and gathering more data points on.

Both journalists and the police – both supposed agents of impartiality and fairness – are working hard against nationalists, letting Antifa run amok, covering up their crimes, not arresting them or chasing them off and tying Nationalists’ hands behind their backs and arresting them when they defend themselves.

The media just provides the spin after the fact.

None of the real story – seen clearly in Faith’s video – was ever reported by the mainstream media. They just talked about “clashes” and so on.

To their credit (begrudgingly, credit must be given), the Jew-run outlet “The Rebel Media,” which fired Faith for appearing on a Daily Stormer podcast, did report what happened.

But other than that, it’s just her and us.

Here’s my criticism tho

I’m not sure we need to keep going out there to prove…what, exactly?

I’d like something to actually come out of this. Like, idk, identifying and suing individual Antifa members who attack people. Suing the cops.

Anything really.

Just going out and getting attacked by Antifa is so 2017. Everyone knows that Antifa is violent and that the pigs suck balls by now.

How about taking that time, energy and patreon money and putting it towards a solution instead?

There is no point that I can see anymore for going out to these events and getting wailed on by Antifa. Lauren Southern began this trend and perfected it, but now its time to try something new.

Time to step out of Lauren’s shadow, Faith. Time to make something new, fresh and totally your own. I know you can do it. You’re also way hotter than Lauren.

It is known.

Now it’s time to prove you’ve got the skills too.