Failed Loser Elon Musk Now Planning a City on Mars

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 26, 2016


Musk has reached cartoonish levels.

He has failed at basically everything he’s ever tried to do – and now, after having thrown untold billions of American taxpayer down the bottomless bit of his electric car hoax, he says he’s building a city on Mars.

The Sun:

Elon Musk is preparing to reveal further details of his hugely ambitious plan to build a city on the surface of Mars.

Tomorrow, the billionaire’s SpaceX is holding an event called “Making Humans An Interplanetary Species” which will shed light on the Red Planet exploration scheme.

Ahead of the event, Musk shared images of a new rocket booster called the Raptor, which will power an “Interplanetary Transport System”.

His firm has carried out a test-firing of the device, which is designed to propel a spaceship all the way to the Red Planet.

This is apparently his response to rumors Tesla is about to collapse so severely that not even Obama can save it with all the money he has stolen from White Americans.

He might as well have said “and for my next trick, I will not use my magic mind powers to transform myself into a platypus.”

It would have been just as plausible, and the exact same number of unwitting goyim would have believed him.

Conversely, he could have said “I am going to build a real Voltron to fight the coming Godzillas.”

What else could he have said, Stormers?

It’s time to start calling Elon Musk what he is: a terrorist.

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