Failed Antifa Journalist Michael Edison Hayden Finally Hits Rock Bottom, Goes to Work at the SPLC

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 24, 2019

The pathetic failed playwright and failed antifa blogger Michael Edison Hayden has finally hit rock bottom and gone to work for the SPLC’s “Hatewatch” blog as a doxer.

The abominable loser Hayden spent time at the disreputable Moonie clickbait blog “Newsweek” writing fake news about the right-wing, and doxing people.

Hayden was fired from the Newsweek blog last year for unknown reasons. He was drinking at work and posting about it online with sick faces.

He threatened to send people to beat me up or kill me or whatever.

He would also threaten to harass people’s mothers if they refused to talk to him.

Most embarrassing of all, he posted screenshots of a fake Julian Assange account as if it were the real account and was caught by Assange himself before deleting it.

All of those things could potentially get a person fired.

Furthermore, Newsweek was swarmed by the cops for running bot networks to defraud advertisers shortly before Hayden was fired. It is unclear if he was involved in a bot scam to promote his own boring anti-racism articles.

After losing his job at the Newsweek fake news blog, Hayden then briefly worked as a doxer for the antifa dox squad “storyful,” before losing that job and finally taking a position at the bottom fo the barrel: the SPLC Hatewatch blog.

He’s not just an investigative reporter for a Jewish supremacy blog that has about 20% of the traffic of their main enemy the Daily Stormer – he’s a SENIOR investigative reporter for that Jew blog.

Just imagine being a 40-year-old brown person who invaded America, and with all of the vast advantages available to a brown person in this country – especially in the humanities industries – ending up at the worst possible writing job in the country, one that allows anyone to work there as long as you are a true believer in eliminating white people.

Everyone in the industry knows that “Hatewatch” is even further down than HuffPo. It’s utterly humiliating. This is what happens when your IQ is too low to learn to code.

Imagine being an Arabian who sucks off Jews and worships them. Imagine being a leftist to build a globalist Jew consumerist hell.

And then imagine also doing all that while dreaming of being a playwright, and having actually written a BDSM story about yourself talking about James Joyce to a dominatrix.

You will never be praised as a creative mastermind by Chuck Palahniuk, Michael. You will never be called a “darkly clever force” by the New York Times, Michael.

No matter how many people’s lives you destroy, your life will never matter.

No Country for Old Antifa Doxers

This one guy is funny to laugh at.

But it’s even funnier to laugh at the fact that the entire body of antifa journalists is being purged from the media.

Basically, after Charlottesville, these publications hired an army of these people to do nonstop hysterical anti-white propaganda.

Then, it turned out no one was really interested in that. This is in part what led to the massive layoffs earlier this year.

The antifa fake news brigade’s big break was broken.

Doxes and slanders of random people that no one has even heard of were not real news, and these companies couldn’t manage to pay people to do it while no one was reading it.

Aside from dedicated, privately-funded dox blogs like the SPLC, HuffPo is the last antifa blog standing.

And they have some very serious financial problems.

Verizon Media, the parent company of HuffPo, recently did a writedown of $4.3 billion.


In December 2018 Verizon announced that it was cutting 10% of Oath’s workforce and would write down the value of the business by $4.6B. Verizon management blamed competitive pressures and that the business never achieved the anticipated benefits. The move wiped out all of the goodwill on the balance sheets that accompanied the acquisitions.

Verizon is a successful telecommunications company, and it is totally not clear how they are going to keep funding this disastrous failed blog.

The top doxers at Huffington Post were not fired in the latest round of layoffs, and have continued their work, giving out the personal information of political dissidents they want to see hunted down and attacked by antifa fedniggers.

People Need to Start Suing These Jews and Their Minions

I was happy to hear that Grandpa Lampshade, who was recently doxed by the HuffPo, is taking legal action against them.

We need everyone who is doxed to start suing not just the publications but the journalists themselves.

What they’re doing in getting people fired from their jobs is illegal. It’s called “tortious interference.” Inciting violent mobs is probably also illegal, though that is harder to prove, unless they are as stupid as Hayden and actually announce publicly that they’re going to send a violent mob after you.

Even if you don’t win the lawsuits, they still have to respond to them. And these bloggers are making less than $35,000 a year. They can’t afford to fight a bunch of lawsuits.

People need to stop acting like they’ve been caught doing something wrong when they get doxed, to stand up for themselves and fight back.

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