Faggots Accuse Taylor Swift of Exploiting the LGBTQIA+ Community for Profit

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2019

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Heterosexual fat whore Taylor Swift is championing for the faggot community, and some of these freaks are not happy that a STRAIGHT FAT WHORE is lecturing people on GAY AIDS-SKINNY ISSUES.

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Daily Mail:

Taylor Swift has been hit with backlash following the release of her pro-LGBTQ single, as detractors accuse the ‘corporate’ pop star of jumping on the ‘queer bandwagon’ to make profit.

The track, titled ‘You Need To Calm Down’, was released last week to mark Pride Month, and its lyrics positively reference gay activist organization, GLAAD.

The song additionally hits out at anti-LGBTQ sentiment, with the lines: ‘Control your urges to scream about all the people you hate/ Because shade never made anybody less gay‘.

Who even screams about faggots in the West anymore? They are the ones doing the screaming every time the rest of the world refuses to suck a dick.

While fans have been quick to praise Swift for being an ‘ally’ to the gay community, others are blasting the 29-year-old for what they believe is a cynical exploitation of queer culture.

Swift has been the subject of ire on social media, with hundreds of Twitter users hitting out at the new single.

Last week, Swift surprised fans by performing her hit ‘Shake It Off’ at the Stonewall Inn, the New York gay bar widely regarded as the birthplace of the current gay rights movement.

Her performance came just weeks before the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, in which queer patrons clashed with police officers, setting off widespread protests.

Several social media users were less-than-impressed that Swift, who identifies as straight, would take to the stage at the venue.

Meanwhile, since the single’s debut last Thursday, GLAAD told NBC News that they have received an ‘influx’ of donations.

The organization’s director of talent engagement, Anthony Ramos, said that the fact that Swift ‘continues to use her platform and music to support the LGBTQ community … is a true sign of being an ally.’

Ramos added that ‘You Need to Calm Down’ is the perfect Pride anthem, and ‘we’re thrilled to see Taylor standing with the LGBTQ community to promote inclusivity, equality, and acceptance this Pride month.’

Meanwhile on June 1, Swift performed at an iHeart Wango Tango concert in Los Angeles while wearing a rainbow colored outfit, encouraging fans to contact their senators to appeal to them about passing the Equality Act, according to Reuters.

GLAAD noted that Swift had made a ‘very generous donation’ to the organization at the start of the month as a way of honoring Pride Month.

It’s true that it’s weird and overall creepy how this straight fat pop star is trying to become some kind of faggot pride symbol. There are plenty of gay and bisexual pop stars that could represent the degenerate community.

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