Fag-Boy Explains Why He Hates Himself for Being White

Daily Stormer
June 7, 2014

Witness an emasculated faggot boy explain to the world via YouTube why he is ashamed – in fact, hates himself – for having been born into the most noble bloodline the Universe has ever seen.

This is where much of the youth is, brothers.  Totally broken and destroyed.  Ah, but now the time is ripe.  For either the youth will go the way of this faggot boy, or they will go our way.  They Jews are eliminating the middle ground.

And it will be good for our race to rid ourselves as creatures such as this.  He can breed with a non-White, or not breed at all.  It will only be the best of our blood which pushes forward into the New Dawn.

The Jews have, with their programs, provided for us a crucible.