(((Fact Checker))): A Brand New Euphemism for Lying Jew

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 10, 2016

They decide what is fact or fiction.

They decide what’s fact or fiction?

Back in December 2015, Donald Trump began to look unstoppable, finally surpassing Ted Cruz against all the odds. When it started to look possible that Trump’s campaign was resonating with the American public in a way never seen before in our country’s history, a bunch of Jews got together in a board room and came up with a brilliant idea: let’s take truths we don’t like and call them lies, then we can show convince people that it’s Donald Trump – not Hillary or Jeb Bush – who is the real liar.   They decided to team up with a panel of “experts” called PolitiFact, who would hang on every one of Trump’s words and declare what he says false. After this, Zionist controlled cable channels began to develop their own in-house self-described “fact checkers,” who they trot out whenever Trump speaks publicly.

It might’ve worked once upon a time, but misquoting, obfuscating or denying what Trump is talking about for political ends is no longer possible in an epoch where you can go on Youtube or Twitter and see what he’s saying for yourself. The establishment has found itself caught in a transitional stage where traditional methods of manufacturing public opinion are becoming obsolete in the information-access era – where people’s healthy instincts are usually affirmed (Fact Check: pathological altruism isn’t real). Things are more transparent, and while Google and other Jewish conglomerates are working on technology to counter this historical trend, it is all in vain.

Never the less, they’re still trying. After Trump’s magnificent performance at last night’s debate, PolitiFact tarnished whatever little credibility it has left after shilling for Hillary for months with some real duds. Here are some examples that’ll give you a chuckle:

What a LIAR! He first said she bleached her server, then used clearly hyperbolic language! How low our honest political system has come!

What a LIAR! He first said she bleached her server, then used clearly hyperbolic language! How far our honest political system has fallen!



The US government has claimed they believe Russia may have been behind some of the hackings, but provide no evidence. I can speculate with “high confidence” that many of these fact checkers are Jewish pathological liars, but without proof its nothing but speculation.



Clinton brings up the “Children’s Defense Fund” every five minutes, and cynically hides behind women and children (except the hundreds of thousands of them she has killed in the Middle East) whenever she’s on the ropes or caught for a misdeed. In the tape in question, the hunk of pilpul put forward by “fact checkers” claims she isn’t “laughing at the victim,” but  the tape clearly features the deranged monster talking about her child molester client gaming a polygraph test and laughing hysterically about it.



This phony claim comes from a Howard Stern interview where Trump responds “I guess so” to a question about invading Iraq – brushing it off and not going into detail. Countless people have come forward to say Trump was against the Iraq war from before the invasion, this is an incredibly weak and desperate “fact check.”



So they pasted a tweet proving Trump was telling the truth and call it false. Trump didn’t say “check out a sex tape,” as in, go on pornhub and check out this broad’s sex tape (the actual context of the charge made by Clinton campaign and oh-so-innocent and puritanical Anderson Cooper), he was clearly referring to her degenerate reputation.



PolitiLie is brazen. Neighbors of the San Bernadino shooters have told numerous media outlets that they were aware the would-be shooter was planning something, but did not want to report them because they feared it would be racist.

As for Politifact, pioneers of this new model for Pravda , here is a list of their staff with appropriate tribal affiliation prompts:

Angie Drobnic Holan
Aaron Sharockman (Jew)
Amy Hollyfield
Emily Wilkinson
Bill Adair
Katie L Sanders (Jew)
Louis Jacobson (Jew)
Jon Greenberg (Jew)
Linda Qiu
Lauren Carroll

In other words, 40% of these (((fact-checkers))) are Jewish, even though 2% of the general population is Jewish. If you’re finding these fact checks of Trump to be fishy or pedantic, that’s the nauseating stench of Gefilte, ya putz.

As for the non-Jews involved in this project, with the exception of liberal Bill Adair, they’re all older, overweight, unmarried unattractive women–a demographic Hillary has in the bag no matter what happens.  A few of the millenial women involved are hoping to climb on the career ladder by regurgitating the party line. They’re crossing their fingers that one of these sleazy old Jews will want to grab their pussy, so that they can get promoted.