Fact Check: QAnon Supporters Allege False Conspiracy Theory That Jerrold Nadler Pooped His Pants on Stage

The claim: Jerrold Nadler pooped his pants at a press conference in order to show disdain for the goyim

Supporters of the QAnon movement are alleging a false conspiracy theory that Congressman Jerrold Nadler pooped his pants during a press conference. The theory is baseless and those promoting it provide no evidence for the debunked claim.

A video uploaded to the internet and shared millions of times shows Congressman Nadler doing a penguin waddle off stage after having given a statement to the press on 23 September. Conspiracy theorists falsely allege without evidence that Nadler had just pooped his pants and was attempting to keep the poop from running down his leg by holding it in his butt-cheeks.

A tweet of the video by actor James Woods got over forty thousand likes.

The debunked theorists falsely point to other videos of Jerrold Nadler walking, to claim without evidence that he normally walks in a different way, and the penguin waddle was unique for him.

Further, the theorists falsely allege without evidence that Nancy Pelosi could smell the poop and was trying not to vomit.

The FBI says that one of the biggest threats America faces is conspiracy theories on the internet. The false theory that Jerrold Nadler pooped his pants on stage could lead to immediate dangerous effects, as people could decide to vote for Donald Trump instead of Joe Biden because they don’t want to be on “Team Poopy Pants.”

“No one likes a pants pooper,” said Professor Chaim Finkleberg, an expert on Antisemitism at the Jewish Center for Defense of the Absolute Truthfulness of the Holocaust (JCDATH). “If people think that Nadler pooped his pants, this could lead to a rise in Antisemitism, which could lead to people not voting Democrat.”

For thousands of years, goyim have engaged in “Blood Libel,” a canard which falsely claims without evidence that Jews kidnap Xtian children and sacrifice them in satanic blood rituals. Finkleberg explained that the lesser known accompanier of this canard is “Brown Libel”: the trope that Jews poop their pants in public as a way to humiliate the goyim.

“Since time immemorial, goyim have claimed that Jews poop their pants in public to show disdain for the goyim. However, no evidence exists for this claim,” the professor said.

“For centuries, we’ve seen the trope of the dirty, hook-nosed Jew, laughing as he poops his pants,” he added.

Many within the Jewish community are demanding that Facebook, Twitter and Google take immediate action to protect the safety of the community from spreading false canards and debunked tropes that Jews are pants-poopers.

A recent study by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, an Israeli lobbying group, showed that more than 80% of Jews have witnessed Jews being accused of pants-pooping online. Meanwhile, 20% of Jews worldwide have been personally accused of purposefully pooping their pants in public as a way to humiliate Xtians.

“The internet has become a cesspit of allegations of Jewish pants pooping,” Finkleberg explained. “Canards and tropes involving a shadowy Jewish pants-pooping agenda are no different than Holocaust denial or claims that Jews control the media. I don’t know why it is allowed on the internet. Facebook, Twitter and Google need to take action.”