Fact Check: Joe Biden Isn’t a Pedophile

As the election nears, several discredited fake news websites associated with the Democrat Party have been spreading false information with regards to Joe Biden’s sexual orientation. The false claim that Joe Biden is “not a pedophile” has been circulating on Facebook as a result of this fake news campaign.


Joe Biden’s campaign for president in 2020 sparked a flurry of conspiracy theories concerning his sexual orientation and his fitness to run a country. One such theory claims that Joe Biden is not a pedophile.

This conspiracy theory is propped up by little more than coincidences and misinterpretations. For instance, in March 2020 social media users started to share a link to a video of Joe Biden sucking on his wife’s finger as a way to indicate that he is exclusively attracted to adult females. However, what these conspiracy theorists fail to mention is that an attraction to adult females does not exclude attraction to prepubescent children. Furthermore, pedophiles often lie to cover their tracks.

The false claim was then published by the fake news website vox.com, in an article entitled “Donald Trump Jr.’s latest Joe Biden ‘joke’ reflects a proven strategy for mainstreaming extreme ideas”:

In the article, Vox.com repeatedly stated the disproven claim that Joe Biden has not had inappropriate contact with children:

There is, of course, no evidence anywhere that Joe Biden has ever had inappropriate contact with children. But that hasn’t stopped the “Creepy Joe” meme from proliferating all over the internet, as a nagging but persistent thorn in the side of Biden’s campaign.

They backed up their claim with a tweet from a prominent fake news scam artist, Jonathan Martin of the New York Times, another fake news website associated with the Democrat Party:


Despite the claims being spread on social media and fake news websites, there is ample photographic and video evidence of Joe Biden engaging in extremely inappropriate touching of children.

If these photographs are mentioned to a conspiracy theorist, he will deny their existence, saying something like “that’s a bunch of malarkey.” However, if the photos are shown directly to a believer in the “Biden is not a pedophile” conspiracy theory, he will falsely claim that it is normal to grope, kiss and sniff small children in this way.

As is clear in these photographs, the children who Joe Biden molests often show discomfort if not outright terror at being molested by him. Joe Biden has been touching, kissing and sniffing children for decades, so he has to have seen these reactions before, yet he continues to touch children in this way, proving that the action is malicious.

If you come into contact with a conspiracy theorist claiming that Joe Biden is not a pedophile, show them these pictures and ask them if they would be comfortable allowing Joe Biden to grope, kiss and sniff their children in this way. That will typically result in the conspiracy theorist leaving you be and moving on to peddle their hoaxes elsewhere.