Fact Check: Is Adolf Hitler Behind the Gay Agenda?

Poland’s newly appointed education minister has named Adolf Hitler as partially responsible for the rise of the gay agenda.


The appointment of a conservative anti-LGBT crusader to head Poland’s education and science ministry has caused a meltdown among the country’s opposition and will likely intensify Warsaw’s stand-off with Brussels.

Przemyslaw Czarnek, a professor at the Catholic University of Lublin, who has a long record of incendiary statements on gay rights, is part of the new cabinet presented on Wednesday after a reshuffling of the government by the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party. He now heads the newly created Ministry of Education and Science, which merges the functions of two previous ministries into one.

The politician is a veteran moral crusader against what is termed “LGBT ideology” by Polish conservatives. During the parliamentary election campaign this summer he told Poles to “stop listening to idiocy about some human rights or some equality,” adding that “these people are not normal people.” On other occasions, he has claimed there is “no doubt” that the “ideology” grew out of both Marxism and Nazi Socialism, and linked the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests to homosexuality.

Czarnek’s appointment, which was reported by local media days before the official announcement, triggered an avalanche of condemnation from the Polish opposition. Radoslaw Sikorski, a Polish MEP and former foreign minister, branded Czarnek as a “homophobe, ignoramus and boor,” who will personify the intellectual level and background of the new cabinet. Deputy Speaker of Parliament Wlodzimierz Czarzasty called the man a “homophobic freak” in an interview.

The new minister, who previously served as a provincial head and an MP, has been a reliable source of controversy in Poland. So much so that the Onion-like website ASZdziennik, which publishes fake quotes of public figures for satirical effect, has made a habit of citing Czarnek’s actual words.

Some of Czarnek’s views on other issues have also been harshly criticized. He infamously penned a paper defending corporal punishment of school students, writing that “sometimes it is necessary to apply physical coercion” citing an old saying along the lines of “spare the rod and spoil the child” as his argument.

Czarnek claims that his detractors take his words out of context and promised to “pray” for the likes of Sikorski and Czarzasty. The words they used about him “are unworthy of politicians” and expose them as people with whom one cannot have a serious conversation, he said.

PiS won this year’s election on a platform of defending family rights and Christian values from the supposed scourge of “LGBT ideology” advanced by Western liberals. The campaign deepened the rift between Warsaw and Brussels, which lists fighting for gay rights among its primary goals and sees the developments in Poland as a setback for such causes.

Imagine that fighting for “gay rights” is a primary goal of the European Union.

Just try to wrap your head around that.

The question is: “why?”

I don’t think homosexuals are being abused in Poland. What the EU is saying is that they have to have all these special rights, and they have to be celebrated continually. In particular, they are saying that children have to be indoctrinated with homosexual values. That is the big one: they’re always going after the children.

It should be considered suspicious, but apparently it isn’t.

It really does just break your heart seeing what they’re doing to these kids.

When you realized that doing this to children is among the top concerns of the most powerful groups on the planet, you start to realize the gravity of our situation.

With regards to the comments about Nazism: I guess I get it – Nazism is bad, therefore bad thing is Nazism.

I don’t really agree with the segments of the right that are intent on rehabilitating Nazism immediately. Obviously, we do need to take a second look at that particular period in history at some point, particularly as regards to the claim that Jews were killed indiscriminately. This is a libel against Germans and against white people. But it’s clear that this is not an issue of immediate importance, and it can become a distraction from more immediate issues.

That having been said: it is actually self-sabotage for right-wingers to continually link bad things to Nazism. The reason it is not a good idea is not that it hurts Adolf Hitler. He is dead, actually. The reason is that Nazism, whatever else it is, is a right-wing ideology, just as communism is a left-wing ideology. Few leftists of today will go out and celebrate Vladimir Lenin – but neither will they attack him. I have never seen a leftist accuse a right-winger of being a Bolshevik.

There is just no reason to bring up Nazis all the time. I guess it makes more sense in Poland, but virtually every right-wing group in every country does it.

I really like the fact that Poland is fleshing out this idea of homosexualism as an ideology, because that is exactly what it is. I hope they continue to link it to Marxism, and do not continue to blame Hitler for it.