Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Says They’ll Make it Harder to Livestream Mosque Visits

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2019

Jews really don’t want people to have fun, and since people loved the video of Brenton Tarrant’s mosque visit, Facebook wants to make it harder for further mosque visits to be live-streamed.

New York Post:

Two weeks after a crazed gunman broadcast himself slaughtering 50 people in New Zealand on Facebook, the social network giant says it’s putting in new restrictions on livestreaming.

“We have heard feedback that we must do more – and we agree,” Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg wrote to the New Zealand Herald amid worldwide outrage over the horrific footage taken from shooter Brenton Tarrant’s helmet camera at two mosques March 15.

In the wake of the terror attack, we are taking three steps: strengthening the rules for using Facebook Live, taking further steps to address hate on our platforms, and supporting the New Zealand community.

Facebook found more than 900 versions of the video showing portions of the 17-minute broadcast, Sandberg revealed, after it previously claimed users did not report the video until 12 minutes after the livestreaming ended.

She said the company is weighing limiting access to Facebook Live for those who have violated its “community” standards and is working on how to respond faster when disturbing footage is aired.

They’re in a pretty tough spot now because every measure that could be used to fight the livestreaming of mosque visits and the spreading of those videos could also be used and abused to shut down legitimate livestreams by trolls and whatnot.

Any measure that would make it easier to shut down a live-stream of forbidden mosque behavior would also make it easier to shut down what Facebook considers legitimate livestreams. If they put hundreds of thousands of livestream moderators sitting and waiting to check and review reported livestreams in real time, they’d lose money and the issue wouldn’t even be fixed, because none of the approximately 200 people who watched Brenton Tarrant’s video live reported it before it ended. They can’t depend on viewers flagging the video nor on any type of real-time report, and they can’t depend on AI because AI just isn’t there yet.

Besides being impossible to stop, trying to stop it is also stupid and pointless. Fewer deaths don’t occur if the livestream gets shut down in two minutes instead of seven minutes. And if killing Moslems is really as horrible as Sandberg and her tribe wants you to believe, they should want people to see it so they understand how terrible it is.

So, unless Sandberg is just trying to lean in on Pewds…

…then announcing that she’s “working” towards keeping Brentons from Tarranting is just a front for her real censorship agenda.

From Sheryl Sandberg’s letter to the New Zealand Herald:

Second, we are taking even stronger steps to remove hate on our platforms. We have long had policies against hate groups and hate speech.

We designated both shootings as terror attacks, meaning that any praise, support and representation of the events violates our Community Standards and is not permitted on Facebook.

We are also using our existing artificial intelligence tools to identify and remove a range of hate groups in Australia and New Zealand, including the Lads Society, the United Patriots Front, the Antipodean Resistance, and National Front New Zealand.

These groups will be banned from our services, and we will also remove praise and support of these groups when we become aware of it. And just this week we announced that we have strengthened our policies by banning praise, support and representation of white nationalism and separatism on Facebook and Instagram.

Yes, earlier this week, they announced that they banned “praise, support and representation of white nationalism and separatism.”

Now they’re also banning “hate groups” that may or may not have anything to do with white nationalism, separatism or whiteness and instead may just be against the Moslem takeover of New Zealand.

Being against Moslem immigration is relatively acceptable among normal people, who generally agree that Moslems are incompatible with “Western values” by pointing out the obvious Islam issues with Islam including terrorism, legal rape of non-Moslems, child brides, killing faggots, torture and stoning, and so on and so forth. A lot of really cucky people support a total ban on Moslems. Banning being against Moslem immigration is basically just a boomer ban.

They’ll likely do the same for other “hate groups” outside of New Zealand, eventually.

We’re nearing the point where expressing thoughts against giving up your wealth and your land and your people’s wealth and your people’s land to browns and blacks will be against the law.

Think of a WarCraft II type of scenario except your government is working for the invaders and the invader’s governments are also working for the invaders, and most of your people are brainwashed into also working for the invaders.

Pretty much everyone’s working for the invaders, except for you and a bunch of guys wearing Space Marines and Inquisition armor writing about how everyone’s working for the invaders.

Don’t let that discourage you though. This is a kind of game, so learn to play. Also learn to code.

Basically just get in the fucking robot and fight with us.