Facebook’s Pajeet Army is Completely Inept at Censorship

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 31, 2017

If Facebook wants quality thought control agents, they should get them from California, not India.

Facebook is engaged in the largest thought-control project in the history of man, manipulating not only information, but the very emotions of people through algorithms and mass censorship.

Unfortunately for them, being run by Jews, they’ve decided to skimp on the quality of their operational staff in order to save their precious shekels.

Hmmmm… Yeah that would be a problem.

As a result, their censorship has been kind of wonky from the get-go. And that’s definitely triggering the shitlibs who are pressuring Facebook to wipe their political enemies off the public space as quickly as possible.

World Net Daily:

Facebook admitted that its censors made the wrong call on nearly half of a set of 49 situations addressed in a new study.

ProPublica reported that it reviewed the company’s practices regarding images depicting violence or statements that are offensive, and in roughly half the cases even the company admitted it should have done better.

For example, it declined to take down a post with an image reflecting graphic violence – the body of a man on top of ground that was soaked in blood, with a message stating, “the only good Muslim is a ——- dead one.”

But taken down was the single line “Death to the Muslims” which did not have an image at all.

Anonymous sources have reported, however, that the staff has had a 100% accuracy rate in removing “poo in the loo” memes from Facebook, however. Offending posts are known to be replaced with “SUPERPOWER BY 2020!!!”

Indians are the most powerful race in the world.

“We asked Facebook to explain its decisions on a sample of 49 items, sent in by people who maintained that content reviewers had erred, mostly by leaving hate speech up, or in a few instances by deleting legitimate expression,” Propublica’s report said.

“In 22 cases, Facebook said its reviewers had made a mistake. In 19, it defended the rulings. In six cases, Facebook said the content did violate its rules but its reviewers had not actually judged it one way or the other because users had not flagged it correctly, or the author had deleted it. In the other two cases, it said it didn’t have enough information to respond.”

Inconsistencies are common, ProPublica said, having “found in an analysis of more than 900 posts submitted to us as part of a crowd-sourced investigation into how the world’s largest social network implements its hate-speech rules.”

As much as these Facebook kikes hate freedom, they probably would much rather not engage in this kind of post-by-post censorship. It’s expensive and pisses off a large part of their userbase.

They would much rather tailor people’s perceptions with subtle manipulations of the algorithms populating people’s newsfeed, inducing different feelings and attitudes in the masses in a way that they’re not even conscious of. This is something they’ve actually admitted to.

While Mark Zuckerberg is allegedly not a lizard man, I would put away flying insects you’re especially fond of while in his presence – just in case.

But seeing as they’re forced to engage in this sort of censorship, doing it half-assedly like this with incompetent staff is probably the worse thing they can do. It turns posting on Facebook into a weird Russian-roulette type scenario where you never know what to expect out of it, and definitely turns off the users.

Social media companies need to be regulated as utilities, so that they don’t even have the option to censor regardless of social pressure to do so. Also, Facebook needs to be banned as a subversive organization purposefully and admittedly warping people’s minds.