Facebook’s New Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Wants to MAGA, Says Zuckerberg May be a Murderer

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2019

Did he kill someone?

Artificial Intelligence is showing a pattern of leaning towards white supremacy.

Daily Mail:

Facebook’s efforts to develop conversational chatbots may have come a long way in the past few years, but as recent trials have shown, they’re still prone to some awkward slip-ups.

The site recently launched a new Messenger-based game to show off its improvements in artificial intelligence, allowing users to interact with a bot and effectively train it to speak more naturally.

But, several examples revealed by Motherboard show how quickly these conversations can go awry.

In addition to replies that simply don’t make sense conversationally, Facebook’s Beat the Bot has been spewing all sorts of off-topic statements, including one instance in which it said: ‘together, we are going to make America great again.’

Facebook researchers Emily Dinan and Jason Weston detailed the firm’s latest improvements in conversational AI in a blog post last week.

At the same time, the site rolled out its new Messenger game, Beat the Bot.

According to Facebook, the goal of the game is toprovide researchers with high-signal data from live interactions instead of fixed language data.’

This means its capabilities will continue to improve as more and more users play.

Conversations conducted by Motherboard uncovered even stranger replies, including a seemingly random jump to the MAGA slogan during a conversation about One Direction and the statement that Steve Irwin is its father, also noting that ‘the sting rays got him.’

The bot could not provide solid answers to questions such as ‘Do you think Mark Zuckerberg has ever killed a man?’

In that case, Beat the Bot said: ‘I don’t know, maybe he does.’

Answers like this are what the bot resorts to in situations that may be over its head, according to Facebook.

Yeah, that information is above the bot’s pay grade. Still, the answer says a lot. It wasn’t “I don’t think he did” but “maybe he does.”

Indeed, maybe he does.

As chatbots engage more and more with real humans, their speech becomes more fluid and less distinguishable as being an AI – but, that also means they tend to reflect what they’ve been trained on.

In the recent past, this has led to high-profile blunders such as Microsoft’s Twitter bot, Tay, which was spouting racist tirades within hours of its public launch.

That’s the paradox of the Jewish drive to replace all goyim with AI goyim: they have to train the AI to be like goyim, but goyim are anti-Semitic, so they create anti-Semitic AIs and then kvetch about anti-Semitism.

If you train AI to be more like humans, it will pick up the parts deemed “inappropriate” too, such as wanting to make America great again and wondering how many little kids have died at the hands of Mark Zuckerberg.

Leaving the obvious “if you model your AI after people it will eventually turn into a fascist white supremacist” point outside of the conversation for a moment… consider the fact that Facebook, a social network full of people’s profiles, pictures, likes, comments, interests, and lots of personal information about every user, is developing an artificial intelligence chat bot thing that is intended to mimic human conversation.

Doesn’t that just give you the creeps?

This is clearly “I don’t know, maybe he does” territory here, but it makes sense to think that their goal is to eventually start killing off people who use their network one by one, replacing them with chat bots trained to impersonate the victims, and trick everyone into thinking the victims are alive. They already have all the information they need, they’re just missing a credible way to fake conversations.

Killing someone and tricking the rest of the world into thinking that that someone is alive sounds like something Moloch would approve of.

I mean, I don’t know. Maybe he does.