Facebook Vice President Announces Creation of “War Room” to Fight “Fake News”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 29, 2019

Nick Clegg

Just after Youtube announced it’ll be removing “borderline” and “misinforming” content from its recommendation system, Facebook follows suit with a similar move declaring they’ll have a “war room” to fight “fake news” and keep elections clean and pure and virtuous.

Imagine how ugly the world would be without our big tech benefactors looking after us, looking at our thoughts, engineering our thoughts, and keeping us in the righteous path.

Thanks, big tech.

The Guardian:

Facebook will tackle political misinformation in the run-up to the EU elections this May with a new “war room” based in Dublin, the company’s incoming communications chief, Nick Clegg, has announced.

In his first speech as Facebook’s top public face, Clegg said the company would be setting up an “operations centre focused on elections integrity, based in Dublin, this spring”. The centre will build on the company’s previous experience running an “elections war room” in its US office, where it coordinated efforts to police the platform during the US midterm and Brazilian presidential elections.

“This approach will help boost our rapid response efforts to fight misinformation, bringing together dozens of experts from across the company – including from our threat intelligence, data science, engineering, research, community operations and legal teams,” Clegg said.

Notice how social media transformed from a place where you could interact with others to a place where the way you interact with others is policed by the platform’s overlords.

The whole “fake news” thing is ridiculous, especially considering the “authorities” determining what is or isn’t fake news are usually the most prolific fake news producers. But hey, they have blue check marks and they do fact-checking, you know? They’re verified. Official good goys.

That must count for something.

They will work closely with the lawmakers, election commissions, other tech companies, academics and civil society groups to continue the fight against fake news, prevent the spread of voter suppression efforts and further integrate the large number of teams working on these important issues across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.”

Oh yeah, didn’t you hear? The messaging aspect of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp will kinda merge and you’ll be able to message users of one app from the other apps.


Facebook plans to make it possible for WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram users to send messages to one another without switching apps.

The three standalone apps will remain separate, but they’ll be brought together under a single messaging platform or protocol. The changes would allow you to send messages from one of the company’s chat systems to another — so you could speak to your Messenger-only friends without leaving WhatsApp.

Integrating the apps could help Facebook make more money from ads by getting its users to spend more time texting in its chat apps rather than turning to other texting services by Apple and Google, according to people who spoke to the Times.

It’s unclear what user information will be shared among Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Integrating Facebook Messenger with WhatsApp and Instagram might also make it harder for government regulators to break up the company, some analysts said.

The merge will make it easier for them to fight fake news in their “war room” thing too because instead of controlling three different messaging fronts, they’ll control one that covers the three. It’s a more efficient way to keep all of us safe from the threat of fake news.

Don’t be afraid, it’s for your own good.

What? You have something to hide?

Something to share?