Facebook, Twitter and Google Working to Shut Down Claims That the Coronavirus is a Government Plot

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 28, 2020

You’ve done enough typing today, GOY

Even if it isn’t true, don’t people have a right to share information freely about this virus?

I thought that the only people who don’t have a right to share information freely are NAZIS who deny the Auschwitz masturbation machines and the WALL OF EYES?

Fox News:

The coronavirus’s rapid spread worldwide is forcing Big Tech to confront the equally viral proliferation of misinformation — in the form outright falsehoods and half-truths about the outbreak.

Facebook, Google and Twitter have all struggled in different ways to contain medical misinformation, in particular around vaccines, in recent years. The Silicon Valley mainstays face a potentially much bigger challenge as coronavirus spreads across the world, having already infected 2,800 people in China and killed at least 82.

The Washington Post reports that Facebook and its fellow social media companies have been fighting a range of conspiracy theories, including that the U.S. government secretly created or obtained a patent for the illness.

I guess this is totally reasonable, because if someone thinks that the US government created this virus then they might think the US government is bad.

And it is the absolute duty of the people who control the spread of information to ensure that no one on earth believes that the US government is anything other than a purely benevolent entity which does nothing but seek to spread democracy and man-on-man anal sex throughout the globe by bombing countries into submission if they don’t do democracy and man-on-man anal.

It fills my heart with joy to know that Facebook, Google and Twitter are protecting me from people who say that the US government is anything other than purely good.

This disease was caused by bat soup and that’s the end of that story.