Jobbik Party Page Removed from Facebook in Response to ADL Pressure

[It is incredible that there are any truth telling pages allowed to stay on Facebook at all. If this does not demonstrate the power of world jewry to you, I doubt anything else will.  There are countless obscene, violent and offensive Facebook pages left untouched, yet all Abe at the ADL has to do is make a phone call to his buddy Zuckerberg at Facebook to get a page of a legitimate political party with over 70,000 likes shut down. The Jews love to criticize parties like Jobbik as “undemocratic,” yet when it comes to free speech, they are the most undemocratic of all. They will simply have you shut down, shut up, or imprisoned if they disagree with you, because they know their ideas cannot compete with ours on a level playing field. –Ed.]


July 18, 2013

The Jobbik Party

Facebook removed an official fan page of, a U.S.-based website in Hungarian that features anti-Semitic hate speech and propaganda by Hungary’s ultranationalist Jobbik party.

The removal on Wednesday of the Facebook page, which had garnered 70,000 followers, came following a plea to the social network by the New York-based Anti-Defamation League and its Hungarian counterpart, the Budapest-based Action and Protection Foundation of the Jewish community.

Several Jewish organizations hailed the closure of the page as an important step toward limiting the reach of the anti-Semitic, anti-Roma, homophobic and anti-Democratic messages of Jobbik, Hungary’s third largest party.

But within hours, individuals with ties to Kuruc were able to open a new page on Facebook, and it acquired nearly 6,000 followers almost immediately.

Still, the ADL praised Facebook for closing the original page, which ADL National Director Abraham Foxman said was “conveying threats against Jews and Roma, inciting to violence, spreading vile anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial, all of which are crimes in Hungary.”

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