Facebook Pushes Back Against Biden’s Demands for Even More Censorship

We have a First Amendment in this country which means only the government is prevented from silencing your speech.

However, we found out last week that the highest authorities of the government are allowed to demand that private companies silence people’s speech, something that was not understood before.

Vaxxy Joe Biden, the fake president, demanded that Facebook silence anyone who questions vaccines, saying that Facebook is killing people by not censoring enough.

Jen Psaki backed him up, suggesting that a list of people who are against vaccines be made in order to silence them.

Instead of claiming that the government doesn’t have a right to demand that they censor people, Facebook Jews instead said that akshually, most of their users believe in the vaccines – i.e., they’ve already banned most of the deniers.


Facebook has patted itself on the back for encouraging vaccine acceptance among its US users, noting an increase of 10-15% since January, while firing back at President Joe Biden’s claim of subverting the rollout.

“The data shows that 85% of Facebook users in the US have been or want to be vaccinated against COVID-19,” Facebook VP of Integrity Guy Rosen said in a blog post on Saturday, rejecting Biden’s charge that social media was to blame for the lack of enthusiasm among Americans towards the Covid-19 jabs.

The difference between Facebook censoring you at the behest of Jewish special interest groups and Facebook censoring you at the behest of the federal government may seem small, but actually, it isn’t.

We have crossed a major threshold in the censorship program here, with the White House demanding the “private company” Facebook silence people and make lists.

Eventually, there will be no visible difference between the government silencing you and the private companies silencing you, as Biden will no doubt be hiring private contractors to spy on and intimidate you.

In fact, this is all going to end up much more extreme than what we see in countries like Europe, where it is the government that is doing the censorship.

Apparently, people still don’t quite understand just how important it is to have freedom of speech within a country that functions like ours does.

It is truly amazing that people have gone along with all of this.

Everyone is going to pay the price.