Facebook Purges Patriot Prayer, Calling Them Violent After Member was Murdered by Antifa

A member of Patriot Prayer lays violently on the ground after having been shot to death by mostly peaceful Antifa rioters.

Antifa won’t be banned from social media. But the groups that they target for assassinations will be.

The reason?

Because when Antifa kills someone, that’s speech. When someone does a protest supporting Donald Trump, that’s violence. If Antifa kills someone doing a pro-Trump demonstration, that’s speech.


Facebook has removed a number of pages related to the right-wing ‘Patriot Prayer’ movement. A mainstay at pro-gun rallies and street protests, the group made news recently after a member was gunned down in Portland, Oregon.

A Facebook spokesman told Reuters about the removal of the pages on Friday, saying that the company pulled the pages as part of “ongoing efforts to remove violent social militias from our platform.”

Patriot Prayer members have frequently brawled in the streets with left-wing ‘Antifa’ rioters since the group’s formation in Portland in 2016. Though fistfights and scuffles have become the norm between these groups, a Patriot Prayer member was the victim of a brutal murder last Saturday, when he was shot dead by a self-avowed ‘Antifa’ activist, who himself was killed in a shootout with police on Thursday night.

Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson said he was friends with the victim, and raged at Facebook for targeting his organization. His own personal page was also caught up in the ban.

“Antifa groups murdered my friend while he was walking home, and instead of the multi-billion-dollar company banning Portland Antifa pages they ban Patriot Prayer and myself,” Gibson said in a statement on Friday. “People can sign up at PatriotPrayerUSA.com for future events.”

There is not any reasonable reason to be mad about this at this point.

We know the deal.

These internet mega-giants are not going to be fair, and they’re not going to pretend to be fair.

Complaining about it, at this point, is really just whining.

That’s all Joey Gibson is: a fat, tattooed, hapa whiner.

All of that rage that is targeted toward these companies needs to instead be targeted toward the Republican politicians who controlled every branch of government and made the decision not to do anything about these companies, even after that fellow Andrew Anglin was banned from the entire internet for speech that was not illegal.

He got banned from not only all social media, but from every registrar on the planet, Cloudflare and other DDoS protection services, and from all kinds of other things that you’ve never even heard of – allegedly because he made fun of a fat woman.

It was obvious to any single person on earth who has two eyes – or even one – that this censorship would spread. It took very little time for that to happen, and now virtually every single person who supports Donald Trump is completely banned from the internet.

As soon as that happened to me, the Republicans should have said, “I don’t agree with what he was saying, whatever, but we cannot have a situation where private companies regulate the speech of Americans. That is a clear violation of the First Amendment, and we need laws protecting speech on the internet, which has become the modern public square.”

But no one in the government said that. In fact, virtually no one in the media said it, save for Tucker Carlson, Sargon of Akkad, Tim Pool and maybe a few others. Alex Jones didn’t say anything, and he ended up being the second major entity to be taken offline.

It is obvious to the point of ridiculousness that these companies will now do whatever they think they can get away with in terms of censorship, and the way they get away with it is to do it in phases. First, they acclimated the public to the idea that certain forms of speech needed to be silenced, and that they had a right to make that decision. That was when they claimed I was a “neo-Nazi.” (In fact, I was never a neo-Nazi, and actual neo-Nazis are still allowed on Twitter and YouTube, where they are supporting Joe Biden, but whatever.) Then came “conspiracy theorists.” Then came just normal Trump supporters.

This isn’t the “fault” of the internet companies. They are all run by Jews and women, and of course they’re going to censor everyone if they get a chance to. The fault is with the people who are supposed to be our guardians, who guard nothing.

Sickening talkers like Jim Jordan, who get up there and talk, talk, talk, pretending like they’re going to do something while never doing anything, are who deserve the wrath here.

Unfortunately, conservatives are simply too stupid to ever see that all these people do is talk, and they will instead say, “YEAH! JIM JORDAN’S UP THERE, HE’S FIGHTING BACK AGAINST THE TECH COMPANIES!”, because he had some harsh words for some social media executive.

Harsh words do nothing, at all. The social media companies are not going to change their policies because someone yelled at them.

In fact, Jim Jordan could stab a social media executive and it wouldn’t change anything.

The only thing that is going to change anything is government action, in particular an act by Congress to protect freedom of speech. This would not be especially difficult. You could get liberals behind it. On the internet, you tend to think that all liberals are lunatic social justice warriors. That may be true, but the fact is, Bernie Sanders supporters were getting censored during the primaries, and this is something that could be pointed to.

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It would have been a cakewalk to get laws passed in 2017. But instead, Republicans went around groveling, begging forgiveness for Charlottesville.

Republican politicians have the single easiest job on earth, because their constituents will never ask them for anything. All their constituents want to do is talk endlessly about how bad Democrats are, so all the Republican politicians have to do is say, “YES, I ALSO THINK THE DEMOCRATS ARE BAD.”

That’s their one job. Just say they agree that Democrats are bad. And do tax cuts. And try to agitate for wars for Israel. Everything else is just collecting money, like that money Jim Jordan collected from Google.

It’s sometimes hard to imagine anything good happening in this country, but I think we may be at the point where we could convince normie Republican voters to start demanding things from their elected officials.

The problem is that we’re banned from everything, so we have no ability to encourage Republican voters to do anything.