Facebook Pays $52 Million to PTSD’d Moderators, Holds Software Competition to Develop Anti-Hate Algorithms

One of the biggest problems that social media companies have faced in their total crackdown on free speech is that the people hired to moderate it kind of need to be white. Indians can delete things that say “nigger,” but a computer can censor based on keywords. Figuring out the message of a wrongthink post has to be done by whites.

These whites are developing PTSD, allegedly, from having to look at this material. Of course, we know that no one can look at our stuff and not realize the truth of it, which is why it is banned in the first place. So what is actually happening is that shitlibs are taking these jobs and having their worldviews questioned by the stuff they have to moderate, and that is driving them insane.

Huffington Post:

Facebook has agreed in principle to pay $52 million to compensate current and former content moderators who developed mental health issues on the job.

The Verge reported Tuesday that the settlement will cover more than 11,000 content moderators who developed depression, addictions and other mental health issues while they worked moderating content on the social media platform.

In fact, it was The Verge that sparked the inquiry to begin with. Silicon Valley editor Casey Newton reported that Facebook content moderators, hired through outsourcing giant Cognizant in Phoenix and Tampa, were subject to hate speech, murders, suicides, and other graphic content.

Facebook employs thousands of content moderators to sift through the vast number of posts, images and other content posted to the site. If a potentially rule-breaking post is flagged by other users, it’s often reviewed by a content moderator who makes the final call on whether it says or is deleted.

One former content moderator, Selena Scola, said she developed post-traumatic stress disorder — or PTSD — and sued Facebook to start a fund to create a testing and treatment program for current and former moderators.

Cognizant later pulled out of the content moderation market altogether following The Verge’s investigations.

The preliminary settlement will cover moderators in Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas from 2015, and each moderator will receive at least $1,000. Others could receive up to $50,000 in damages.

Here’s a video report from The Verge on just how hard the lives of Facebook moderators truly are.

Due to the fact that these companies are trying to censor entire categories of ideas, moderation is getting increasingly complex and confusing.

Facebook is now doing a contest to see who can design the best software to moderate their platform.


Facebook unveiled an initiative Tuesday to take on “hateful memes” by using artificial intelligence, backed by crowd sourcing, to identify maliciously motivated posts.

The leading social network said it had already created a database of 10,000 memes — images often blended with text to deliver a specific message — as part of a ramped-up effort against hate speech.

Facebook said it was releasing the database to researchers as part of a “hateful memes challenge” to develop improved algorithms to detect hate-driven visual messages, with a prize pool of $100,000.

“These efforts will spur the broader AI research community to test new methods, compare their work, and benchmark their results in order to accelerate work on detecting multimodal hate speech,” Facebook said in a blog post.

Facebook’s effort comes as it leans more heavily on AI to filter out objectionable content during the coronavirus pandemic that has sidelined most of its human moderators.

Its quarterly transparency report said Facebook removed some 9.6 million posts for violating “hate speech” policies in the first three months of this year, including 4.7 million pieces of content “connected to organized hate.”

Facebook said AI has become better tuned at filtering as the social network turns more to machines as a result of the lockdowns.

Guy Rosen, Facebook vice president for integrity, said that with AI, “we are able to find more content and can now detect almost 90 percent of the content we remove before anyone reports it to us.”

Facebook said it made a commitment to “disrupt” organized hateful conduct a year ago following the deadly mosque attacks in New Zealand which prompted a “call to action” by governments to curb the spread of online extremism.

Automated systems and artificial intelligence can be useful, Facebook said, for detecting extremist content in various languages and analyzing text embedded in images and videos to understand its full context.

Heather Woods, a Kansas State University professor who studies memes and extremist content, welcomed Facebook’s initiative and inclusion of outside researchers.

“Memes are notoriously complex, not only because they are multimodal, incorporating both image and text, as Facebook notes, but because they are contextual,” Woods said.

“I imagine memes’ nuance and contextual specificity will remain a challenge for Facebook and other platforms looking to weed out hate speech.”

The code they are asking people to make for them is impossible – if you could made an alg that understood verbal subtext and social context you would be using it to rule the world, not police shitlords.

At best they could (and do) catch language that is inherently hateful and images that are inherently hateful. They cannot however detect irony, and coded language is going to evolve faster than code, barring some singularity fantasy – they cannot compete with the crowdsourced alg-bypassing methods of their two billion users in the field of natural multimedia linguistics.

This is also a gay publicity stunt. Facebook has one of the best code labs in the world and they could do this themselves quietly if they wanted to, instead of signaling about it and kicking it down to freelance code monkeys who don’t have real jobs.

The best and only real solution remains hard-banning people who violate speech rules. But they want to keep people on their platform to control their thoughts and get the money from data-mining them, so they don’t want to do that. However, they have these Jews constantly breathing down their necks, and I think they are likely to get more aggressive.

Probably, the bannings of people organizing anti-lockdown rallies, which Facebook has said it intends to do, is going to lead to people migrating to a new platform. The problem is that no such platform currently exists. The opportunity exists for someone to make an alternative platform for organizing protests that has basic social media functionality and get a whole lot of people on it.

These protests are the most important thing right now, and they are going to remain such for the foreseeable future.