Facebook Now Shadowbans People Who Share Content Deemed Misinformation by Their Fact Checkers

Mark Zuckerberg thought sunscreen on his face would be a disguise. He has good ideas.

A May 26 post on Facebook’s blog announced that the company is embracing various new forms of censorship it has invented to prevent people from looking at factual information.

They have launched a warning system to tell you that you may be entering a danger zone.

Today, we’re launching new ways to inform people if they’re interacting with content that’s been rated by a fact-checker as well as taking stronger action against people who repeatedly share misinformation on Facebook. Whether it’s false or misleading content about COVID-19 and vaccines, climate change, elections or other topics, we’re making sure fewer people see misinformation on our apps.

They are presenting this as a positive development that gives you “more information” that you may be viewing ideas which go against the established narrative.

We want to give people more information before they like a Page that has repeatedly shared content that fact-checkers have rated, so you’ll see a pop up if you go to like one of these Pages. You can also click to learn more, including that fact-checkers said some posts shared by this Page include false information and a link to more information about our fact-checking program. This will help people make an informed decision about whether they want to follow the Page.

The warnings look like this:

Just to be clear “independent fact checkers” do not “check facts.” They simply use the mainstream media narrative (which is uniform) as a basis for the arbitration of reality.

“False information” is anything that veers from the official narrative published by the New York Times, Washington Post and CNN.

They also announced that they will be manually down-ranking information that they do not like.

Since launching our fact-checking program in late 2016, our focus has been on reducing viral misinformation. We’ve taken stronger action against Pages, Groups, Instagram accounts and domains sharing misinformation and now, we’re expanding some of these efforts to include penalties for individual Facebook accounts too. Starting today, we will reduce the distribution of all posts in News Feed from an individual’s Facebook account if they repeatedly share content that has been rated by one of our fact-checking partners. We already reduce a single post’s reach in News Feed if it has been debunked.

Again, “debunked” means that the media said it was “debunked.” It’s important to understand that there is no other methodology involved here. All they do is compare content to the one put out by CNN, and if it veers from that, it is labeled “misinformation,” “disinformation” and “debunked.”

This situation went beyond satire when Project Veritas leaked a private video chat featuring Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaking on the vaccines.

He said: “I just want to share some caution on this, because we just don’t know the long term side effects of basically modifying people’s DNA and RNA.”

This is exactly the sentiment that he is currently censoring, claiming it is “misinformation” that has been “debunked.”

Note that we always used to embed a tweet featuring that clip, but it was removed from Twitter when all of the Project Veritas accounts were banned. It now only exists on BitChute (the above embed). Many, many things now only exist on BitChute.

If BitChute goes down, this video, along with so many others, will simply disappear forever.

Internet censorship is the worst thing that has ever happened. In 2017, when this campaign started with the organized and public conspiracy to completely remove Daily Stormer from the internet (including Google stealing DailyStormer.com), we were on such a roll.

The internet had just successfully elected a president, and it seemed like there was nothing we couldn’t do. Everything continued to get bigger, more and more people continued to be exposed to the information. That was all destroyed.

The youth right-wing movement was smothered in the crib. If we’d been allowed to continue to speak freely, the coronavirus hoax would have been impossible, Donald Trump would have won the 2020 election outright (fraud would have been impossible without the virus hoax and mail-in ballot scheme), and we’d be getting ready for Tucker Carlson 2024.

Instead, we now stand at the edge of the pit of hell.

And somehow, after all of this, Facebook is still inventing new ways to censor people.