Facebook Moderators Are Getting Radicalized by the Content They’re Supposed to Moderate

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2019

Casey Newton wrote a piece for The Verge about the lives of Facebook moderators. He talked about the emotional damage caused by the exposure to highly violent content, and what’s more interesting… he talked about how moderators are changing their views after being exposed to content they’re supposed to moderate.

This is what he had to say about his investigation.

The Verge:

Over the past three months, I interviewed a dozen current and former employees of Cognizant in Phoenix. All had signed non-disclosure agreements with Cognizant in which they pledged not to discuss their work for Facebook — or even acknowledge that Facebook is Cognizant’s client. The shroud of secrecy is meant to protect employees from users who may be angry about a content moderation decision and seek to resolve it with a known Facebook contractor. The NDAs are also meant to prevent contractors from sharing Facebook users’ personal information with the outside world, at a time of intense scrutiny over data privacy issues.

But the secrecy also insulates Cognizant and Facebook from criticism about their working conditions, moderators told me. They are pressured not to discuss the emotional toll that their job takes on them, even with loved ones, leading to increased feelings of isolation and anxiety. To protect them from potential retaliation, both from their employers and from Facebook users, I agreed to use pseudonyms for everyone named in this story except Cognizant’s vice president of operations for business process services, Bob Duncan, and Facebook’s director of global partner vendor management, Mark Davidson.

Collectively, the employees described a workplace that is perpetually teetering on the brink of chaos. It is an environment where workers cope by telling dark jokes about committing suicide, then smoke weed during breaks to numb their emotions. It’s a place where employees can be fired for making just a few errors a week — and where those who remain live in fear of the former colleagues who return seeking vengeance.

It’s a place where, in stark contrast to the perks lavished on Facebook employees, team leaders micromanage content moderators’ every bathroom and prayer break; where employees, desperate for a dopamine rush amid the misery, have been found having sex inside stairwells and a room reserved for lactating mothers; where people develop severe anxiety while still in training, and continue to struggle with trauma symptoms long after they leave; and where the counseling that Cognizant offers them ends the moment they quit — or are simply let go.

The moderators told me it’s a place where the conspiracy videos and memes that they see each day gradually lead them to embrace fringe views. One auditor walks the floor promoting the idea that the Earth is flat. A former employee told me he has begun to question certain aspects of the Holocaust. Another former employee, who told me he has mapped every escape route out of his house and sleeps with a gun at his side, said: “I no longer believe 9/11 was a terrorist attack.”

Like most of the former moderators I spoke with, Chloe quit after about a year.

Among other things, she had grown concerned about the spread of conspiracy theories among her colleagues. One QA often discussed his belief that the Earth is flat with colleagues, and “was actively trying to recruit other people” into believing, another moderator told me. One of Miguel’s colleagues once referred casually to “the Holohoax,” in what Miguel took as a signal that the man was a Holocaust denier.

Conspiracy theories were often well received on the production floor, six moderators told me. After the Parkland shooting last year, moderators were initially horrified by the attacks. But as more conspiracy content was posted to Facebook and Instagram, some of Chloe’s colleagues began expressing doubts.

People really started to believe these posts they were supposed to be moderating,” she says. “They were saying, ‘Oh gosh, they weren’t really there. Look at this CNN video of David Hogg — he’s too old to be in school.’ People started Googling things instead of doing their jobs and looking into conspiracy theories about them. We were like, ‘Guys, no, this is the crazy stuff we’re supposed to be moderating. What are you doing?’”

This is why they’re scared of mean words in the internet. They know that if people are exposed to certain ideas, they’ll lose the fight because they have no counter-argument, and even if they do have counter arguments, people are not guaranteed to accept them and believe them, which is why they label so many things “hate speech” and attempt to shut the discussion down.

They don’t want the discussion to take place because if the discussion takes place, people may think things they’re not supposed to think.

Wrong think is a thing nowadays.

They say they want to protect democracy but they don’t believe in democracy. The only thing they really believe in is white genocide.

Putting our ideas out there is threatening them. They know that people exposed to what we’re saying are inclined to understand and agree, because what we’re saying is no different than what our great-grandfathers thought and knew. It’s a kind of common sense.

We need this common sense to flood our people again.

Editor’s Note (By Andrew Anglin):

This appears to be a call for moderators to be replaced with Jews or women instead of white men. They are already mostly Indians, but Indians can’t recognize all of the content that Facebook is censoring now, so they have to have Westerners doing some of it, which is why they have whites working for this office in Phoenix in the first place.

They’ve already done a similar thing and cleaned up the journalist beat covering the far-right. Back before Charlottesville, it was a lot of goy females who had spent their lives around beta males going to interview radical males. We all joked about Elle Reeve’s orgasmic behaviors.

You can be certain that the Jews noticed that too.

Furthermore, there are all sorts of rumors out there of these journalists having sex with Nazi interviewees. Back in the day, more than one of these women offered to come to my apartment to interview me, thinking I lived in Brooklyn. They offered to bring bottles of liquor.

This was humiliating for the Jews running the show, so they replaced these women with the most bizarre possible males, and Jews.

They won’t let normal healthy goy males on the beat either, because they know they will report on them too fairly once they actually talk to them.

Christopher Matthias is a lipless senior doxer at HuffPo.

Look at how fucked up that guy’s face is. He is literally some kind of mutant. Where are his lips????

Luke O’Brien is an absolutely unhinged lunatic, who puts his mental problems on public display and seems to be unaware he is doing this.

He publishes Albert Fish style letters about me in the HuffPo, and once called me short 7 times in one article, using the term “his tiny body.”

I have never met Luke O’Brien. I am 5’7″ (170 cm) and 155 lbs (70.5 kg). Imagine describing another man with the term “his tiny body” and then deciding to publicly publish that. Imagine being inside the head of a person who would make that decision.

The other main unhinged antifa journalist, Michael Edison Hayden, was so fucked up he was fired from everywhere and not even the HuffPo would hire him. He had to go work at the SPLC.

He’s an actual Arab who works for his blood enemies the Jews, as they replace his people in his own homeland (the SPLC is aggressively pro-Israel and pro-Zionist expansionism, having a plan to do to Arabs the same thing they’re doing to whites).

Female journalists have even pointed this “all male” factor out.

Read that thread.

They don’t even want Jewish females interacting with far-right personalities in a journalist capacity, so they’ve opted to only use these broken down shadows of men, who can only imagine confirming their own self-worth by getting approval from the Jewish system.

Basically, this Verge article is drawing attention to the fact that there is a similar problem among the censorship employees, and signaling that they need to make a similar demographic change in that area.

Because the Jews absolutely understand demographics, and the behavior of different groups. The reason that they tell us “all people are the same” is precisely so that they can strategize using the differences between races and the differences between men and women as weapons against us.