Facebook Lawyer: “There is No Invasion of Privacy at All, Because There is No Privacy”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 1, 2019

He suspiciously feels the need to explain that he is human.

It’s amazing that Facebook hasn’t died yet.

Daily Dot:

A lawyer for Facebook argued in court Wednesday that the social media site’s users “have no expectation of privacy.”

According to Law360, Facebook attorney Orin Snyder made the comment while defending the company against a class-action lawsuit over the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

There is no invasion of privacy at all, because there is no privacy,” Snyder said.

In an attempt to have the lawsuit thrown out, Snyder further claimed that Facebook was nothing more than a “digital town square” where users voluntarily give up their private information.

That’s an unexpected defense.

If Facebook really is a town square, why is a private company censoring people in that town square?

That would be against the law.

Town squares should only be subjected to the laws of the town’s government, which would mean that the First Amendment would have to be respected and that Facebook should have virtually no censoring power.

People shouldn’t be banned from Facebook for having the wrong opinions.

Links to Daily Stormer articles wouldn’t be banned in a proper town square.

Facebook doesn’t function like a town square.

People do expect a level of privacy even when using Facebook. They choose who to “befriend” on the platform and who they want to share their stuff with.

They expect what they upload to Facebook to be used only in the way in which they can appreciate it being used:

  • Letting family, friends, colleagues and other contacts view the information and pictures
  • Storing those pictures for themselves to view in the future
  • Seeing the pictures and information other people in their network have posted

People don’t expect Facebook to be socially engineering them with laser-focused targeted ads and to be following them around the Internet with trackers and other such tools to monitor their actions even when they’re not on Facebook.

They don’t naturally suspect that Facebook is selling all of their personal information and using it for mystery purposes.

That’s not part of how Facebook presents itself. It’s not part of how any social media network presents itself.

Reading long terms of service shouldn’t be required to understand what these companies do with people’s data. It should be clearly shown in the way lung cancer is shown on cigarette packages.

Come share your pictures with your friends! Also, we’ll store everything you do and sell it to whoever pays. Oh, we’ll also use it to brainwash you into buying stuff and to research about better ways to brainwash you in the future.

Or maybe they could just put a picture of Mark Zuckerberg somewhere.

That has to be at least as effective a deterrent as pictures of lung cancer.

Facebook might end up regretting the “town square” argument.