Facebook is Tracking What People Purchase in Physical Stores

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 13, 2019

Facebook displays relentless determination in its quest to make money out of people’s personal information.

On top of knowing everything that people do on the Facebook website, Facebook even knows what porn sites they visit. Now we’re hearing that they’re also using methods to track what you purchase in real life.

Daily Mail:

Facebook is ‘watching’ you make purchases in physical store in order to show you relevant ads on its platform.

The social media giant has partnered with numerous retailers to gather customer data, allowing it to find profiles on the site and target them with specific ads.

But worry not, because you can opt-out from being shown the ads that are the fruit of that diligent spy work.

However, users can opt-out of being severed ads by selecting ‘Ads’ in Facebook settings and choosing ‘Not allowed’ under ‘ads based on data from partners’.

Consumers have shared their experience of seeing ads on their Facebook page on Twitter.

Even if you choose to “opt-out,” they are most likely still getting “data from partners” and tracking your every move — but hey, at least you wont be reminded of that through the ads.

What’s even more terrifying is imagining what Facebook knows about people but doesn’t use for showing targeted ads.

What kind of data are they selling under the counter?

Aaron Holmes with Business Insider went as far as to contact Facebook to learn how the entire process works, which begins with the retailer gathering information about you from your online or in-store purchases.

If a retailer wants to target customers with ads on Facebook, it sends the social media firm details of what was purchased and with information about the consumer so the site can match their profile.

This information can be everything from the person’s name to their email, phone number or date of birth.

However, Facebook told Holmes that it only needs ‘a few data points from retailers in order to create a ‘custom audience,’ or a group of users it determines have shopped at that retailer.

Finally, retailers then pay Facebook to show ads to the ‘custom audience’ of users matched to them.

According to Business Insider, ‘several retailers use these ad tools, including KFC, Macy’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods.’

Invading your privacy with the pretext of wanting to show you better ads is, at its core, not really different from wanting to read your mind to persuade you offer you exactly what you want.

Mark Zuckerberg has previously expressed interest in “noninvasive” brain-computer interfaces. If/when they get access to your brain and start showing you “relevant offers” and manipulating your thought processes, will it really still be your brain?

When a person decides to buy something that Facebook offered them through ads after tracking their every move and online activity for some time, to what degree was that decision really made by the person?