Facebook Helped Daily Beast Dox Guy Who Posted Pelosi Parody Video

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 3, 2019

The Saga of the Evil Nancy Pelosi Parody video continues.

For those who haven’t been following this saga, someone posted a joke video of Nancy Pelosi with her speech slowed down to make her look even stupider than she already does to Facebook a couple of weeks ago. It’s the standard sort of meme parody that is always on social media, and wasn’t even really that funny. It was just boomer humor.

However, the media decided to use this video as the casus belli to launch an entirely new war on freedom of speech. They said that the parody was “fake news” and could harm elections, and so it must be banned from the internet. YouTube actually went along with this.

The implication is that if they are able to get this video banned, then in the future, any and all material on the internet making fun of Democrat politicians – or any other leftist for that matter – will be blanket banned from the internet.

Because Facebook was slow on the ban, the Jewish media decided to dox the person who made the parody video, in order to get him fired or otherwise hurt in his personal life, as a way to strike fear into anyone who would dare make fun of Democrats on the internet.

And according to the Daily Beast – the publication that did the doxing – a Facebook employee helped them out.


The Daily Beast recently doxed a black forklift driver and reported Trump supporter for the alleged high crime of creating a parody video of Democrat speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi. But there’s more to the story — it appears Facebook may have helped the left-wing journalists identify him.

The Daily Beast identified the video creator as Shawn Brooks, whom they described as a forklift driver and Trump supporter from the Bronx.

A Twitter account claiming to be Brooks disputed key details of the story, claiming he is not a Trump supporter, did not create the parody video, and does not live in the Bronx.

By doxing Brooks, The Daily Beast followed the example of CNN, which threatened to unmask an anonymous Trump supporter over a parody video, forcing to him apologize in exchange for not revealing his identity. The scandal caused “CNNBlackmail” to trend on Twitter.

But there’s another aspect to the Daily Beast story which has major implications for the privacy of Facebook users — according to the Daily Beast reporter himself, Facebook gave him information on Brooks’ activity on the platform.

Here is the direct quote from the Daily Beast article:

It’s conceivable that someone else actually edited the clip. But a Facebook official, confirming a Daily Beast investigation, said the video was first posted on Politics WatchDog directly from Brooks’ personal Facebook account. 

So yes.

That seems pretty straightforward.

Facebook is using their access to private user data in order to dox people who the media wants to hunt down and punish for making fun of Democrat politicians.

It is again worth pointing out that censorship in the United States is now worse than in the Soviet Union. In the Soviet Union, the only thing you weren’t allowed to do was criticize the government – this person was a supporter of Donald Trump, who is the head of the government, and yet he is being hunted down.

As we know, the only reason to dox a person is to get them fired from their job, or incite a fed-controlled Antifa mob to attack them. The media and their social media allies are playing the role of the NKVD – and they are doing so with the blessing of the government.

By pure coincidence, the media and Facebook are even more Jewish than the NKVD.

It’s almost as though there is some sort of a pattern here with these people who want to hunt you down and destroy you for having opinions that go against those of the Jews.

The government is not going to do anything about Facebook giving away user data to the media to help them try to destroy the life of some random guy who made fun of Nancy Pelosi on the internet. That should obviously be illegal, and would be illegal if any kind of laws regulated the way that these tech companies – which are the most powerful companies in all of history – function. But the government refuses to do that.

The media wants people to be afraid to speak their minds. They want to silence you first, then ensure that anyone who isn’t silenced yet fears that he will be hunted down by a mob and have his life destroyed if he ever even thinks about questioning the establishment.

We are living under an absolute state of terror like no people in history has had to endure.

This has turned into a cartoonish parody of a science fiction police state.