Facebook Gives Money to 400 News Outlets to Promote “Coronavirus” Mass Hysteria

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2020

Jews own the mainstream media, and the mainstream media promotes the coronavirus hoax.

Now Jews are funding smaller news outlets in an attempt to increase the promotion of the flu hysteria even more.

Fox News:

Facebook on Tuesday announced 400 local news organizations that are receiving grants to bolster their coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Facebook Journalism Project, launched in January 2017 to bolster the industry, chose local outlets in North America for this round of $5,000 grants. The grants amount to $2 million total and are part of a larger set of grants totaling $100 million that Facebook announced last month. Although the grants are small, company executives believe they are having a positive impact.

“The Albuquerque Journal in New Mexico, for example, was able to use that grant money to do extra reporting that was focused on the Navajo Nation, finding that four times more cases of coronavirus existed within that community than the rest of the country,” Campbell Brown, Facebook’s vice president for global news partnerships, told NPR.

“That’s really important reporting that may not have been done without those extra funds,” Brown added.

The program is run in partnership with the Lenfest Institute for Journalism and Local Media Association in the United States, and News Media Canada and The Independent News Challenge in Canada, according to the tech company.

I wonder if the neo-Nazis promoting this hoax got some of this Jew gold?

The most important thing that news outlets should talk about in regard to the “pandemic” is that the coronavirus is literally just the flu and all of this mass panic has no reason to exist.

It’s just another flu season.

Experts agree.

But for some reason, all of these powerful people controlling the media and governments are encouraging social distancing, insane lockdowns, and fear.