Facebook Flagged Ben Shapiro to Not be Censored – Right-Wing Conspiracy? Or Jewish Nepotism?

In August of 2017, when I was subject to unprecedented censorship, I made a prediction about how the slippery slope of censorship would progress. All of the predictions I made, in terms of the development of the censorship, have come to pass.

In June of 2019, I wrote an article about how Ben Shapiro had been censored on Pinterest, and noted that it must have been an accident, or that Pinterest, not being one of the big three social media companies, didn’t know the playbook.

I wrote:

The initial incident of Pinterest censoring Shapiro is amazing. But it’s an outlier which is less connected than the big three of Google, Twitter and Facebook. I know there is a flag on Ben Shapiro, that these companies know they’re not supposed to censor him.

It has now been revealed, through leaked Facebook internal communications, that there was quite literally a flag on Ben Shapiro, preventing him from being banned.

A BuzzFeed article this week framed the fact that Shapiro wasn’t banned as some kind of “right wing infiltration” – by one Joel Kaplan (for anyone who might be new, Kaplan is always a Jewish name, and Joel Kaplan is definitely Jewish):

Internal documents obtained by BuzzFeed News and interviews with 14 current and former employees show how the company’s policy team — guided by Joel Kaplan, the vice president of global public policy, and Zuckerberg’s whims — has exerted outsize influence while obstructing content moderation decisions, stymieing product rollouts, and intervening on behalf of popular conservative figures who have violated Facebook’s rules.

The article explicitly notes that Shapiro was protected.

One thing [In Feed Recommendations feature] was not supposed to do was recommend political content. But earlier that spring, Facebook users began complaining that they were seeing posts from conservative personalities including Ben Shapiro in their News Feeds even though they had never engaged with that type of content.

When the issue was flagged internally, Facebook’s content policy team warned that removing such suggestions for political content could reduce those pages’ engagement and traffic, and possibly inspire complaints from publishers. A News Feed product manager and a policy team member reiterated this argument in an August post to Facebook’s internal message board.

Judd Legum, founder of ThinkProgress and apparently non-Jewish, put up an angry Twitter thread that is going around about this.

One of the hilarious results of the official social policy of “never mention the Jews negatively, ever,” is that it leads to deranged conspiracy theories, like “there was a right-wing conspiracy inside of Facebook to promote right-wing news.”

The most bonkers part of all is that if you say “well, Kaplan and Zuckerberg are Jews, and Ben Shapiro is a Jew, so it appears that Jewish nepotism is at work here” – they will call you a “conspiracy theorist”!

Obviously, most Jews don’t agree with the general presentation of Ben Shapiro. However, they also know that they cannot totally stamp out all right-wing content all at once. So what they have done is remove all right-wing content that is not directly run by Jews. This funnels every right-wing minded person into these Jewish controlled opposition networks.

Although the plan is clearly to eventually remove all right-wing content of any kind from the internet, Ben Shapiro is probably going to be around for a while. The last thing these people want is for an organic movement to form. That is why such extreme measures were taken against the Daily Stormer. We were making people laugh, while also telling obvious truths, and when people were allowed to share our material on social media, our traffic was simply massive. If that growth curve would have been allowed to continue, the Daily Stormer would have become the single most popular alternative media outlet, and you would have a situation where, like every other time in history, the right-wing associated Jews with opposition to the values of Western civilization.

We forget that all throughout history, the Jews were considered villainous, due to their villainous behavior. Leftists will hate you for pointing it out, but all of the prominent leftists of the late 19th and early 20th century spoke openly against the Jews as a group.

Karl Marx himself spoke of the Jews.

Meanwhile, Mikhail Bakunin, probably the most notable anarchist in history, wrote that Marx was planning a Jewish conspiracy. Up until recently, Bakunin was widely read and cited by “Antifa” types, but he’s been removed from the canon due to his anti-Semitism.

You’ll find memes like this on Antifa Facebook pages:

Just as another random example, the Jew who got pornography legalized in the United States, Samuel Roth, wrote of the Jews as parasites.

You can find hundreds of quotes like that from prominent Jews. Understanding of the Jewish problem was so widespread, really up until the 1970s, that individual Jews would make light of it in an attempt to endear themselves to goyim.

The removal of “the Jewish Question” from popular public discourse is by far the greatest achievement of the Jews, as it is the achievement that has made all of their other achievements possible.

There is no other point in all of Western history when a supposed “conservative” could get away with saying something like this:

In any previous era, people would simply say “yeah, okay – you’re a Jew.”

Instead, because we are not allowed to point out this very strange position of “Jewish conservatives,” the idea that “race doesn’t matter” is taken seriously by supposed right-wing people.

It used to be that Jews would have to pretend to not be Jewish when they went around trying to do these dirty tricks. That’s why Adolf Hitler made them wear stars. But get this – that wasn’t Hitler’s idea. All throughout history, Jews were forced to wear badges at various times, after getting caught in various schemes. The Wikipedia page on Jewish badges begins its list of times the Jews had to wear badges in the 12th century.

In Britain, the Statute of Jewry was issued in 1253, requiring Jews to wear badges, and then in 1290, they just rounded them all up, put them on boats, and made them leave Britain completely.

But now, they just go out there and say “it’s conservative to replace the white race with foreign brown people and oh hey check out this based right-wing tranny,” and no one is allowed to say: “You’re only saying these things because you’re Jewish. This is another one of you people’s filthy schemes. Please just go away and leave us alone.”

Just so, the fact that Ben Shapiro is given special privileges to remain on social media when everyone else is banned creates a vast mystery, and the only solution people can come up with is that it is some kind of right-wing conspiracy by Mark Zuckerberg.

I made a meme for the occasion:

(I would like to see the ADL declare the thinking emoji a hate symbol before the end of 2021.)