Facebook Dog-Pile Continues, Lawsuit Over Face Recognition Software

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 17, 2018

When it rains it pours. Zuckerberg must have pissed off someone in the globohomo elite. And now they can taste blood and are circling around him and his company, ready to finish him off.


Facebook must face a class action lawsuit over its use of facial recognition technology, a California judge has ruled.

The lawsuit alleges that Facebook gathered biometric information without users’ explicit consent.

It involves the “tag suggestions” technology, which spots users’ friends in uploaded photos. The lawsuit says this breaches Illinois state law.

Facebook said the case had no merit and it would fight it vigorously.

However in his order, US District Judge James Donato wrote: “Facebook seems to believe… statutory damages could amount to billions of dollars.”

So apparently Facebook has some facial recognition software at work. I think this relates to tagging people in photos. But who knows, perhaps Facebook is just straight up spying on people through their webcams and audio jacks. Or if not Facebook, then Apple.

I would assume that they do, tbh.

“If you’ve never been tagged in a photo on Facebook or have untagged yourself in all photos of you on Facebook, then we do not have this summary information for you,” the company says.

The feature is not available to users in most countries, including the UK – and can be turned off in settings for US users.

In December 2017 Facebook announced that users would be notified if a picture of them was uploaded by someone else, even if they hadn’t been tagged in it.

Oh man, we’re so fucked. They have facial recognition software.

I just hate how normies tolerate it.

Like, how are normies ok with it? The Jews call them goyim for a reason I guess.