Facebook Cracking Down on Alex Jones NOW! After JewTube Already Did!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 29, 2018

So I’ve written a bit about the whole Facebook situation, and how the stock drop probably has little or nothing to do with Cambridge Analytica or any of this “fake news” nonsense.

But their solution is to ban Alex Jones – a simple man who is just trying to make a living.


Several Facebook pages tied to Alex Jones, including the official pages for Infowars and Alex Jones himself, are close to being removed from the platform for violating its community standards multiple times, a Facebook spokesperson told CNBC.

Pages operated by Infowars still remain active because they had not hit the undisclosed threshold violations. The Facebook spokesperson told CNBC the Infowars pages are getting close to that threshold, but would not say specifically how many more infractions would be necessary to pull them.

Jones’ personal account was temporarily banned from Facebook Thursday for 30 days after it was found responsible for uploading four videos that went against community standards. The clips were posted on different pages operated by Infowars and Alex Jones. Jones had previously been warned he could be blocked by Facebook for other infractions, according to a Facebook spokesperson.

One of the removed videos shows a man shoving a child on the ground to “prevent liberalism,” while another discusses drag queens in a crude fashion and suggests they are child sexual predators. Another suggests Muslim people have “conquered” Europe, and will kill everyone and sexually assault women.

These same four videos were also removed earlier in the week by YouTube, which also barred Jones from live streaming for 90 days.

Jones defended the videos on Twitter, saying they were “critical of liberalism.” Infowars was not immediately available for comment.

When a post is determined to be factually false, Facebook’s current policy is to reduce the number of times it shows up on News Feeds. However, the company will still remove content that incites violence. It also boots people from its platform that have a history of violating its community standards, though it does not publicly state how many “strikes” a person or Page has to get for that to happen.

Alex says censorship is why the stock is plunging.

I don’t really think that is the thing either.

Like I said.

I think the thing is just a thing of people getting sick of it.

I wrote another thing about that yesterday, the problems in the platform. It links you to a bunch of people you don’t want to be linked to in the same way. People have separate parts of their lives, and generally don’t want to share the same parts of themselves with their mother, their boss, their children, their old high school girlfriend and their buddy from the bar. It’s a weird system, looking back on it now, and it’s no wonder people are moving away from it.

Yeah But the Jones Banning

As far as AJ now getting deplatformed at a rate similar to the rate that the Daily Stormer was getting deplatformed in 2013, there are two separate things:

  1. The obvious thing, which is the slippery slope, and
  2. The fact that Alex’s content is a lot better now and a lot more offensive to the Jewish establishment than it was a few years ago

It’s more the first one than the second one, but credit where credit is due, he’s come a long way.

Still hoping he gives me a call some time.

I’ve talked to a whole bunch of famous people before and never posted about it publicly, everyone knows this about me, I have a perfect record of never breaking any person’s confidence.

I just want to see if we can hang out some time and talk about stuff.

I already almost half apologized for giving him all that shit about his Jew wife. Even though it turned out I was right.

I was also right about his kike producer, who is now suing him for being an anti-Semite (BASED).

This guy is so pissed off at kikes now he’s turned to Salafism.

Point being: the censorship issue is something we should all be able to rally around.

These people should have rallied around me when it was all coming down on us.

None of them did except for Sargon of Akkad and Tucker Carlson.

But if Alex loses all his social media, he’s going to have a very serious financial problem. I don’t have any financial problems because I have no goddamn finances.

Oh hey, speaking of which – it’s Sunday and the end of the month, please send donations.

Seriously, I’ve got writers to feed guys. And we’ve got more now.

Have you seen this Octavio guy?

Have you ever seen someone who hates niggers as much as that guy? 

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