Facebook Cockblocks People from Organizing

Everything was banned a long time ago. There are no more “hate groups” on social media.

This is an attack on political activism, and they did a sweep of any accounts that are promoting political activism.

ABC News:

Facebook executed a takedown Tuesday of social media accounts connected to two organizations the company considers to be hate groups and had banned across their platforms: Proud Boys and American Guard.

Facebook officials told ABC News the company completed a network disruption that their security teams had originally initiated on May 30 against Proud Boys and the American Guard. On May 30, the social media’s internal monitors started seeing traffic from both organizations indicating they intended to send armed agitators to ongoing protests sparked in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

“We accelerated our investigation and enforcement to remove the accounts, pages and groups we had found by that point and then continued our work mapping out the rest of the network,” Facebook officials said.

The company announced Tuesday its teams had identified more participants in those networks, and so took action to remove those accounts. In total they removed 358 Facebook accounts and 172 Instagram accounts tied to the organization known as Proud Boys. They removed 406 Facebook accounts and 164 Instagram accounts tied to the group known as American Guard.

“In both cases, we saw accounts from both organizations discussing attending protests in various US states with plans to carry weapons but we did not find indications in their on-platform content they planned to actively commit violence,” the company said.

I don’t support “armed protests.” These idiots with the rifles. It makes no sense at all. I’ve been actively against this.

I don’t even think it’s a good idea to bring a handgun. We’ll see what happens with the guy in New Mexico who shot that faggot, but he’s probably going to end up sitting in jail for a year in the best case scenario.

But that is not what this is about. This is about wiping out a network of activists – who they obviously did not previously consider “hateful,” or they would have already been banned.

This is active suppression of dissent.

I said in my piece about the Boy Scouts that we are simply not allowed to organize any form of network to resist these people who are transforming the culture. They will shut you down. Then they will claim that everyone supports this, because everyone has been bullied by a hate mob into pledging allegiance to the cultural revolution – even though we don’t even actually understand what this revolution is.

This is what the bannings have been leading to since 2017. This was all part of a gigantic long-term plan, based on social simulations.

It’s madness!

It is up to us to form our own networks and we need to do it quickly.