Facebook Censors Donald Trump, Accuses Him of Trying to Organize a Hate Group

Given the current definition of “hate group” used by the social media companies, a definition that has been provided to them by Jewish groups, the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, Donald Trump’s campaign is a hate group. He’s talked about reducing immigration, and that qualifies him for that designation.

So truly, Facebook is simply following the policies that it put in place in 2017. The Trump Administration probably should have read those policies and figured something out before the election was five months away.

New York Post:

Facebook employees are apparently creating exceptions to CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s vow to refrain from policing political speech: On Thursday, the social-media giant took down a Trump-campaign ad — citing a preposterous rationale.

We removed these posts and ads for violating our policy against organized hate,” a Facebook spokesman said: They showed a red, upside-down triangle similar to what Nazis used to classify political prisoners, so they violated the platform’s ban on “using a hate group’s symbol to identify political prisoners without the context that condemns or discusses the symbol.”

Huh? There are no political prisoners in question here. And Team Trump was clearly condemning the symbol — which is indeed linked to antifa — because the ad included the words: “STOP ANTIFA.”

In any event, most Americans probably have no idea that the triangle is linked to either the Nazis or antifa. Indeed, a campaign spokesman notes that Facebook itself “has an inverted red triangle emoji in use.”

But soon after various left-wing groups started pushing claims that the Trump ads used Nazi symbols, Facebook agreed.

There are only two possible explanations for the company’s decision: 1) Its speech cops are confused and incapable of figuring out what speech to ban. 2) They’re looking for any excuse to silence the president and his team or make them look bad. Both may have factored in Thursday’s decision.

No, no. It’s not about “making him look bad.” It is about silencing him before the election.

Sure, they probably won’t outright delete the official Trump campaign accounts, but if they are censoring them continually, they are creating a chilling effect which keeps the Trump team constantly wondering what it is that they’re allowed to post.

The social media companies are going to be engaging in absolutely every other form of election meddling. Simply banning me and Alex Jones from the internet was part of an agenda to silence support for Donald Trump. The two of us played a big part in getting Trump elected the first time, so it was necessary to silence us. There were stated reasons for the silencing, but those reasons were irrelevant.

Just so, this reason for silencing Trump is irrelevant. It was the same thing when Twitter did it the first time. They are simply coming up with random reasons to target the people they want silenced as a way to effect the outcome of this coming election.

Never forget that we had a three-year investigation into Donald Trump based on the theory that Russians had posted messages on social media, and Trump had told them to do it. That was the accusation. Now we have the social media companies themselves – who, it should go without saying, are a lot more powerful than someone posting ads on them – actively opposing Trump and trying to prevent him from winning the election.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Jewish CEO of Facebook, previously came out and condemned Twitter for censoring the president. Now, he himself is engaged in this. When he came out and said that, I said that it was a hoax, that he was doing his half of a “good cop, bad cop” routine against Trump. Now, we see that this is true.

The Washington Post is pretending that Trump was posting this symbol to say that he was going to round up Antifa and put them into Nazi-style concentration camps, and they are bragging that they are the ones who convinced the site to censor the post:

Facebook removed the material following queries from The Washington Post, saying ads and organic posts with the inverted triangle violated its policy against organized hate.

“Our policy prohibits using a banned hate group’s symbol to identify political prisoners without the context that condemns or discusses the symbol,” said Andy Stone, a Facebook spokesman.

But the ads on the president’s page alone — which began running on Wednesday — gained as many as 950,000 impressions by Thursday morning. Identical ads on Pence’s page gained as many as 500,000 impressions.

Eighty-eight ads with the inverted red triangle ran in total — across pages for Trump, Pence and the official “Team Trump” page on the social network. They targeted all 50 states.

Andy Stone, who made the decision to censor, is Jewish.

The WaPo article was written by Isaac Stanley-Becker, another Jew.

So again, we see that Jews in the media will call up their brethren in the social media companies to make this censorship happen.

The media claims to care about freedom of speech, whilst they are in fact the main body arguing against freedom of speech, leading the campaign to silence anyone who stands up for Christian civilization. They will default to their stupid Holocaust hoax whenever necessary.

Donald Trump should have taken extreme action to stop internet censorship as soon as it began happening hardcore in 2017. I was the first person to experience extreme censorship, and it was not because I made a joke about a fat woman, as was the claim. It was in large part because I am opposed to Jews, but even so, I’ve always been opposed to Jews, and the censorship only came AFTER Donald Trump was elected. It also came AFTER the ADL and other groups, including think tanks, had claimed that I had played a major role in getting Donald Trump elected.

That is what this censorship is ultimately about, all of it: it is about meddling in elections.

Because as much as we claim about the stupidity of the democracy system, it does function as it’s supposed to function: it is rule by media, in that the masses of people will vote for whoever has the best media presentation. If the people have access to media mechanisms to promote their agenda, they can get their own people elected.

The election of Donald Trump was elected by the internet, whatever role the Daily Stormer or Infowars played, and these tech giants are never going to let that happen again.

It isn’t admitted that democracy is a system of rule by the media. What they claim is that every individual in society is fully “actualized” and is making rational decisions about the way they are ruled. Of course, if that was the case, censorship would not be necessary in order for them to promote their own electoral agenda, because every voter would see through any falsehood, because each one of them is a philosopher king.

This Twitter and Facebook censorship of Donald Trump comes alongside Google shutting down advertisement for ZeroHedge and The Federalist, claiming that they need to censor their comments sections. Before any libertarian comes up and says, “Google has a right to deny ads on their platform to whoever they want!” – Google has a monopoly on advertisement, a monopoly that they built on the promise that they would allow for freedom of speech. People allowed them to destroy their competitors on the promise that they would remain fair.

Either way, a monopoly is wrong, and it violates a free market system. If you have an ideology that has you defending mega-corporations abusing the population, you have a psychological problem.

Any system that allows monopolies is going to end up with monopolies and once you have monopolies you’d better just hope they agree with your political agenda. In this case, the leftists are very lucky that all big business wants to push this brutal agenda.

The very sad thing here is that there is no way that Donald Trump can fight back against any of this before the election. The social media companies know that, so they are going to go all out in meddling in the election. Look forward to a whole helluva lot more censorship in the coming months.