Clown World Maxes Out: Facebook Bans “Honk” Meme!

Daily Stormer
June 14, 2019

We’re entering into a new, hitherto undiscovered dimension of Clown World, leading many to fear we could be approaching a clown singularity.

The word “honk” has been identified for censorship on Facebook.

What is not clear is whether they are censoring honk in the context of the clown world meme or whether they’re going all out and banning the sound entirely – just to be safe.

Facebook’s content moderation policy

We’re reaching levels of “why so serious” that shouldn’t even be possible.

And when one of these companies starts banning something, you know the rest of them are soon ready to follow suit.

Our days of clowning around are over.

RIP to a great meme.

Reminds me of this classic comic:

When someone “honks” on social media, it is usually in reaction to some fresh kaleidoscope-esque nightmare fuel coming out of the media pushing the lefty talking point du jour.

At its core, the honk meme is just a lament and an observation that the general situation in the West has hit critical levels of crazy and that nothing can be done, at this point, to salvage the situation. This is because of media censorship, the Deep State and, most importantly, the fact that white elected officials – a certain orange man in particular – keep betraying their supporters again and again and again.

To not fall into despair, some people just shrugged and let out a long sigh and then a honk as if to say, “well, whattaya gonna do about it at this point anyway?” And apparently, even this was too much for the censors.

Not allowing people to vent off any steam is a recipe for disaster – especially when you give people who are already on the verge of complete nihilistic despair yet another jab in the ribs as if to provoke a cornered animalistic last-ditch fight reflex in them.

It’s a bold move.

Let’s see how it plays out for them.