Ezekiel Emanuel Says You’re Going to Have to Stay Locked Inside for 18 Months

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2020

Zeke Emanuel, odious Jew coronavirus hysterist.

It is becoming clear that there is another agenda associated with this flu lockdown, as top level Jews come out and make totally extreme statements that have no connection to the actual data.

One such Jew is Ezekiel Emanuel.

Emanuel is the son of an Israeli terrorist, brother of former Obama Chief-of-Staff and former Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, and a bioethicist at the Center for American Progress (CAP). He is often cited as “the architect of Obamacare.” Appearing on ABC News’ “Powerhouse Politics” podcast on Wednesday, the Jew said he doesn’t support allowing the goyim out of their homes for another 18 months. He said that he gets this idea from the “health professionals” in the Trump Administration. Presumably he is talking about the extremist hoaxer Anthony Fauci.

“The kind of normal where we go traveling, we go to restaurants, we go to concerts, we go to religious services, we go on cruises, until we have a vaccine that protects everyone. That’s 18 months, it’s not going to be sooner,” Emanuel ominously told ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl and Political Director Rick Klein.

“Anyone who tells you we’re going to have a vaccine in three or four months, that’s just not the reality of how biology and research works,” the Jew said, while at the very same time Fauci was once again scaling back his doomsday prediction.

Throughout the podcast, Emanuel worked from the assumption that this is a new and dangerous virus, despite the fact that we now know that it is nothing more than a strain of the flu, no more infectious or deadly than any other strain of the flu. The Jew claimed that a vaccine for the virus is absolutely necessary, and that nothing normal can happen until the vaccine is released.

He said that for the country to reopen, the number of cases has to be zero. He didn’t explain why, but said that we don’t have the infrastructure to get it to zero. By “infrastructure,” he appeared to be talking about the ability to seize anyone who is alleged to be infected and “quarantine” them without any kind of legal process.

“You have to have a structure and infrastructure that allows you to test and quickly quarantine and isolate people who are suspected or test positive for COVID. We’re not there yet,” he said.

Emanuel is describing the society of Half-Life 2.

The Jew claimed, without breaking into laughter, that this flu would last through the entire summer and would make a normal election in November impossible. He suggested we vote over the internet.

“I think we need to plan now — you’re going to have to have a different model, either voting by internet, voting by mail, voting early, so that people have a chance to go over time,” the Jew said.

What the Jew is describing is an absolutely hellish nightmare world, which I have joked about, where the entire society is based around a fear of the flu, and everyone is locked in their homes indefinitely, with military on the streets to keep you from socializing and your neighbors snitching on you.

The Jew Emanuel has been making the rounds on television as well, promoting the same extreme agenda, and claiming that completely wrong numbers of people are going to die. He appeared on MSNBC with fellow Jew Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday to claim that there would be a very high death toll this week. So far, that has not manifested.

Based on the degree to which this new model of society that is being presented has been fleshed out, it is clear that Emanuel has been thinking about it for a long time.

Was This on Purpose? Or No?

We continue to wonder if this entire thing was not planned from the beginning by the globalist Jews. When I hear Jews like Emanuel saying things like this, and see the way the entire media hyped this up with such extreme fervor, I assume that it must all be planned.

But then I think about the fact that China is now the de facto world superpower, and think about just how bad that is for the Jews, and I wonder if it wasn’t just a massive screw-up by paranoid neurotics that they are now trying to make the best of.

If it was an accident, then maintaining the lockdown indefinitely is making the best of the situation, because as long as you keep the lockdown in place, people are not going to understand what has been done to the economy. Assuming you have to pay for people’s lives either way, their lives are going to be much cheaper if they are simply locked inside. You can also claim that you are distributing government canned soup to people’s houses because that’s all you can manage to do during the virus, when in actuality, that is all you can afford.

Great job! Epic win!

It is perfectly logical, now that the economy is destroyed, to keep people locked up. But if we assume they planned this, then what is the purpose of locking everyone in their houses? Yes, they will be able to just kill political dissidents without any consequences, and do whatever other shady things they want to do under the veil of the quarantine, but were political dissidents even really a problem for them? And weren’t they already laying the groundwork to lock people up based on their political beliefs?

I don’t have a strong opinion yet on whether or not this flu hoax was planned or an accident. I am tending to lean towards “accident.”

But how about those 219 CEOs that resigned in January…?

But then the obvious question: if this was planned, why didn’t they just release a real virus that actually was capable of killing a couple hundred thousand old people? We know that they make these viruses in biological warfare labs. Why use the normal flu if the goal is to create hysterical insanity? At the very least, could they have not prepared a system to inflate the death toll better than they have managed to do?

An Even More Interesting Question

The most interesting and immediate question right now is whether they are actually going to implement the plan that Emanuel is talking about, and keep people locked in their houses indefinitely in order to manage the situation they have created.

It’s clear that they definitely can do it, because the Constitution has already been totally abolished. They can now just do whatever they want. There is nothing in their way.

Right now, it looks like that would be the plan for sure if it were not for Donald Trump, who has never appeared to be interested in this hoax. He is going to push back against this plan. Of course, he can be overridden, as we’ve seen so many times, but I think there are a lot of other powerful people who don’t want this, meaning he may be able to tip the scales.

We will know more about that once the pandemic hoax has ended completely. We are close now. When they have squeezed impending doom for all it is worth, we will see where they pivot to.

I will continue to do my ultimate best to report the truth on all of this.

You’re going to need it, because the fact that so many people in the right-wing went along with this media-driven agenda to completely collapse the economy because of the flu means that most of these people simply cannot be taken seriously and are actually dangerous.

So much for pretending to give a shit about the working class, huh?