Ezekiel Emanuel, Inventor of the Death Panel, Is Now Deeply Concerned About the Weak and Old Dying

Jewish bioethicist Ezekiel “Zeke” Emanuel, inventor of the death panel, is now extremely concerned about 80-year-olds dying of the flu.

Bioethicist Ezekiel “Zeke” Emanuel is on the forefront of calling for the flu hoax lockdown to remain in place indefinitely. He has been on every single TV show, nearly every day, claiming that the full scale lockdown, with virtually all businesses closed, must continue for a minimum of 18 months, when people will then be coerced into taking a vaccine. He is claiming to be so concerned about the wellbeing of the old and the infirm that he supports completely and utterly destroying the economy and the entire society for their sake.

I suppose that the concept of the entire society existing to serve the weak is not something that is new for the Jews. But that generally doesn’t apply to the elderly, who tend to be white. Where it becomes interesting is that Zeke Emanuel was the architect of Obamacare, and the inventor of the much discussed concept of “death panels.”

“Death panels” was a term given to the idea that in the Obama system, “end of life care” would not be prioritized, and there would in theory be panels of bioethicists who would decide who gets which surgery. According to Emanuel, that would mean that treatment would be cut for the very old if the treatment was unlikely to prolong their life significantly, in favor of diverting resources to younger people.

In 2009, when Obamacare was first being promoted, the death panels were a focus of conservative outrage. Many cartoons were drawn.

Death panels are a complex issue. In general, I am opposed to “end of life care” given that it is primarily a medical industry scam. When you reach your 70s and 80s, your body is more or less finished, given that you are approaching death. Doing expensive surgeries on such people is not only a waste of money, but can also be a kind of torture. Recovery time is very long when you are that old, and in general, an old person would prefer to be spending their last days with their family, rather than on morphine recovering from major surgeries they had to extend their life another six months.

I knew of a man who chewed tobacco and got cancer in his mouth at the age of 74. Instead of simply giving him an estimated time of death – which probably would have been six months – they cut out his tongue and part of his cheek. He lived 10 months, unable to speak and high on morphine while bedridden. This is clearly an evil thing to do to an old man, regardless of the money involved, and the doctors only do it because of the money involved. They manipulate the family, who are naturally in a weakened emotional state as they are facing the death of their parent, for a profit.

I think the example I gave is a relatively standard case. I think it is clear that we need to, as a society, reexamine the entire premise of “end of life care,” and seriously consider the idea that most old people would prefer spending six months saying their goodbyes to their family than 12 months in a bed, high on morphine, with parts of their body cut off.

The Chinese are very practical about end of life care, valuing the comfort and happiness of the old person above extending their life as far as possible. “End of life care” is something that was mainly popularized by American boomers, who cannot accept the reality of death.

All that having been said: turning over complete control of who lives and dies to the government is the ultimate slippery slope, and actually insane. Even as a person who is extremely critical of the concept of “end of life care,” I am 100% opposed to giving this power to the government. They will inevitably start saying that white people’s lives are less valuable than blacks, and if a white person in their 30s gets in a car accident and the life-saving surgery is expensive, they won’t do it because they need the money for black children. And of course Jews would be given every life-saving treatment, because if they weren’t it would be like the Holocaust all over again.

Maybe in a situation where the government wasn’t evil and controlled by Jews, I would be more comfortable with the idea, but with the situation as it is now, I cannot hardly think of anything worse than government death panels.

This is what your death panel would likely look like.

Where this becomes fascinating is that the guy who invented and popularized this concept is the same guy who is now telling us that it is the most important thing in our lives – a thing worth literally any sacrifice – to keep people in their 80s from dying of the flu.

The claim that Zeke Emanuel is making – that his heart is just really hurting for the wellbeing of 80-year-old white people – is clearly a lie. He is lying in order to promote some agenda that will be achieved by locking people in their houses indefinitely.

So, what is that agenda?

You may be shocked to discover that the Jews are at it again.

I don’t know, but it is definitely Jewish. I suspect that it is many things, and that the underlying goal is simply to remove freedoms from the goyim.

Of course, maybe he is just doing this hoax because he knows that the country will collapse whenever the lockdown is lifted, and he is concerned about the collapse of a country that uses its military to defend Israel. (Interesting side note: Emanuel’s father was Israeli, and fought in the terrorist group Irgun that went around slaughtering Palestinians in order to force them off of their ancestral lands so the Jews could move in. Most famously, they bombed the King David Hotel.)

We don’t know what these people’s agenda is. What we know is that this virus is literally the flu, and is only a threat insofar as the flu is a threat, so any of these people claiming that all of these extreme measures need to be taken to fight it are either themselves in a state of hysteria or are promoting a different agenda.

Every aspect of this weird agenda being rolled out needs to be viewed with the most extreme suspicion. People dying of the flu never mattered before. In fact, people’s lives never mattered before. Upwards of 70,000 people die every year from opioids, and that doesn’t matter to anyone in the government. They have done absolutely nothing about that, and have actually done things to make it worse, probably on purpose.

So one thing is absolutely clear: nothing they are doing is about saving lives.