Extinction Rebellion Targets Google, Demands More Censorship

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 18, 2019

After deciding to stop attacking working class people by messing with their commute and their cheeseburgers, Extinction Rebellion has managed to target something that people actually hate: the evil multinational spying and social engineering technological cartel Google.

Of course, the reason for their protest was… to demand more social engineering in the form of more censorship of politically incorrect ideas and information. At the behest of the Jewish media.

No one saw that one coming.

Next they might be protesting the military for abandoning the Kurds.

The Guardian:

Nursing mothers and youths blockaded Google’s London headquarters on Wednesday in protest at the company’s funding of climate deniers, as Extinction Rebellion defied a police order by continuing to stage actions in the capital.

A Guardian investigation revealed last week that Google had made “substantial” contributions to some of the most notorious climate deniers in Washington, despite its insistence that it supports action on the climate emergency.

Mothers of infants held a “nurse-in” outside the company’s offices in King’s Cross and members of XR Youth climbed on top of the entrance to Google-owned YouTube, on the other side of the same building, holding a banner reading, “YouTube, stop climate denial”.

In a letter to YouTube, they said the platform, which has 1.9bn users, had a responsibility to stop hosting “misleading and inherently dangerous” climate denial videos. They pointed out that a recent survey found more than half of teenagers in the US said they got their news from YouTube.

As of 8am on Wednesday there had been 1,642 arrests made over XR protests, according to the Metropolitan police. The rate of arrests accelerated on Monday night after the police imposed a section 14 order in effect banning all protest by the group in London.

Yeah so that thing where they told you they were only going to ban the Daily Stormer and other “Nazis”…

That is no longer in effect.

There is something like a zero percent chance that any and all criticism of the global warming agenda won’t be banned from YouTube, just like any and all criticism of the terrorist uprising in Hong Kong has been banned from YouTube.

And just like pretty well everything else that isn’t “I love my Jew masters, please let me suck their dicks” has been banned from Google services.

But just… try to wrap your head around the idea that “revolutionary” groups are now protesting multinational corporations to demand that they engage in more aggressive censorship of anyone who disagrees with the official narrative put out by Western governments and the mainstream media, relating to fake weather graphs.

What a strange reality.