Experts Warn That Ebola-Chan has Formed an Alliance with “Climate Change”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2019

Ebola-Chan is exploring new alliances in her cleansing quest. This time, she has allied herself with Climate Change, the sworn enemy of Greta Thunberg.

Daily Mail:

Ebola outbreaks may crop up in countries not used to the killer virus because global warming is pushing disease-ridden animals inland, scientists fear.

The incurable virus, which has a deadly 90 per cent fatality rate, has so far largely been contained to the Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

But neighbouring countries may have to brace for an onslaught which will put the lives of millions at risk, according to a prediction by researchers.

The number of Ebola cases is set to soar under any type of climate change.

You heard the researchers. Any type of climate change would result in more Ebola-Chan visits, which means exactly what climate change activist kids have been suggesting: the weather has to be exactly the same every day, every month, and every year — no matter what.

Lives are at stake here, and it is the fault of white people changing the climate with their evil way of life.

The prediction is based on mathematical models that took into account a range of factors, including human contact with the wild animals that spread it.

These host animals largely prefer warm and wet climates, which the scientists say much of Africa is slowly becoming.

Several countries that have never experienced Ebola, including Nigeria, which is home to 191million people, Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda are particularly at risk.

Zoonotic diseases – illnesses that spread between animals and humans – are becoming the ‘new normal’, experts say.

First author Dr David Redding, an environmental geneticist at University College London, said: ‘It is vital we understand the complexities causing animal-borne diseases to spillover into humans, to accurately predict outbreaks and help save lives.

‘In our models, we have included more information about the animals that carry Ebola and, by doing so, we can better account for how changes in climate, land use or human societies can affect human health.’

Co-author Professor Kate Jones, who is based in the same lab, said: ‘Importantly, our model is flexible enough to allow us to predict Ebola outbreaks in alternative, simulated versions of the world.

‘For example, we examine a set of plausible future environments and show stark differences in how Ebola responds to the best and worst case scenarios of future climate change and poverty alleviation.

Ebola risk appears to worsen in future versions of our planet that have higher climate change and worse cooperation between societies.

Working together to improve healthcare resources, which can contain dangerous diseases such as Ebola, appears to strongly reduce future risk, and this offers an important option for preventing future disease cases.

Both “cooperation between societies” and “working together to improve healthcare resources” mean white people giving medicine and food to blacks, so what Professor Jones is saying is that the more white people help and the less black blacks act, the harder it is for Ebola to spread.

But blacks will continue to act black.

Cooperation between their black “societies” will be next to impossible because no matter the official stance of their governments, there’s always groups of blacks shooting each other and running around with bloodied machetes.

The only thing keeping Ebola-Chan from cleansing Africa is white people sending stuff to the blacks and getting involved in what should be none of their business.

But maybe this new alliance will work out and there’ll soon be no black left to receive white people’s gifts.